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Marissa Byfield

Writer. Bookseller. Newsletter editor. Diana the Huntress is my muse.
Marissa is the author of
THE SOFT FALL is a retelling of ancient Roman mythology when Dianna the Huntress becomes the hunted. For fans of lycanthropy, feminism, found families, and true love.
Books Marissa Recommends
I was pleased to discover our stories had much in common -- dire wolves, woodlands, hunters, mythological etymology -- but Katerina's writing also has a promising magical spark. Excited to see where the story goes next, and to support her writing journey!
Amidst the gathering storm, rebellions and alliances are sealed and broken, gods cast lots on warring nations, and ravens whisper prophecy into the ears of druids. The renegade blade rises from ash, to burn through the endless night as fire.
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