Marino Unger-Verna

Berlin, Germany - Hopeful author, avid reader, unequivocal nerd.
Marino is the author of
Matt Hartmann is a native Rhode Islander, moving to Berlin at the whim of his parents. Nolan Wirth was born and raised there. These two ordinary boys have the most ordinary friendship; But sometimes the plainest people hide the best stories.
Books Marino Recommends
A great murder mystery with plenty of unforeseen twists, combined with a surprisingly accessible political theme which together create a novel that can't be passed up.
2016 Silver Falchion Winner for Best First Novel, Best Political Thriller &  Best Female PI/Sleuth!  John Lescroart says "Crisp & Entertaining...Kris Calvin  sets herself apart as a writer to watch."
Has a lot of promise! Keep this one on your follows list if you're interested in fantasy stories or world chock full of lore, both implied and otherwise.
Books Marino recently read
by Frank Delaney
by Kris Calvin
by Laura Barnett
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