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Kim Whale

I escape what lies within by building worlds of words without. Nothing matters more. 
Kim is the author of
Anna was just a Blank, one of the powerless few in a City of powerful people. She dreamed of being something more. She dreamed of saving the world. Now she is the most hated terrorist of all time. The question is, what happened to Anna?
Six survivors of a destroyed civilization must reunite as ancient evil reemerges, and only one of them can stop it.
A superhuman bodyguard protects a traitorous prince from the machinations of his Empress wife as his sister threatens an interstellar war.
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Fluid descriptions, a narrative that carries you but doesn't demand it of you, and an intriguing world presented with imagination and care. I'm psyched to see more!
When one guardian falls, another must take their place. The newest recruit, Albion Nisbett, finds out that the job involves keeping a secret hidden just beneath the pavements of London. Magic is everywhere. You just have to listen closely.
Detailed, dense, intriguing!
What’s in a name? In the Last Empire, a name is the most powerful weapon you can possess.
LOVE the ending, love the world!
In between the forces of Order and Chaos, is Jack Crosswell. Jack is just a normal guy working a dead end job. Except that now there’s two supernatural assassins that want him dead, a secret weapon and a best friend who predates time. All on Tuesday.
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