Writing Playlist: I need new songs

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Userphoto7 original Juan Sesa · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
If you need some chill-out music, I´ve got you covered


And if you are up for an insane amount of variety, do check out his other work. I found a lot of it to be quite inspirational.
14265083 10211214547705879 3338953010346963698 n Dale McSaiyan · Reader · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
I love these playlists! 

They have never failed me :D 

Picture Serdar Yegulalp · Author · added over 1 year ago
Some underappreciated selections

Classical: Ippolitov-Ivanov, "Caucasian Sketches"

Improvised: Keith Jarrett, "Hymns/Spheres" (movements 1, 4, 5, 9 especially)

Primal Scream, "XTRMNTR" - face-melting rock/electronica, nothing like the songs that originally got them brief attention in the States. Not one bad track on this record.
Portrait by ralonica dad1w4x Elsa Denker · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
@Luke Fellner - I noticed that thread. I’ll have a look back at your comment and check out what music you suggested!
I do like classical music. I may have heard some of that music before, but I’ll know when I listen to it! As for Tchaikovsky, I’ll check his music out. I’m very familiar with the 1812 Overture and Marche Slave but apart from that, I’ve listened to virtually nothing.
I’ve heard that the Fallout music is very good. I played Fallout: New Vegas and loved the game, as well as the songs on there. I’ll look into the other Fallout game soundtracks too.
Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · added over 1 year ago
@Elsa Denker If you’re into classical, Mozart’s Symphony 40 is great, so are Beethoven’s, 4th, 5th, and 7th. There’s also a video out there titled "The best of Tchaikovsky" which is very emotional music. The Fallout Newvegas and Fallout 3 stations on pandora are also great for the Frank Sinatra and Elvis era music.
Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · added over 1 year ago
@Elsa Denker If you want more specific suggestions, I commented on a forum titled "Musical Bar Brawl" a few days ago and I thought it might also be something good.
Portrait by ralonica dad1w4x Elsa Denker · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
@Luke Fellner - I don’t often listen to heavier music, but sometimes I find it’s very suitable to what I’m writing. I’ll keep those suggestions in mind! 
Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
@Elsa Denker If you ever need to add heavier music the album Core by Stone Temple Pilots is very good. Soundgarden is also a solid band.
Portrait by ralonica dad1w4x Elsa Denker · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 2 likes
I used to listen to a lot of Lindsey Stirling about a year ago, but didn’t keep track of her music. I just had a listen to some of her new songs, and they’re very good! Going straight on my playlist.

Robert - I had a listen to the artists you recommended. I’ve never listened to much cover music before, but I really liked the ones I heard - particularly the ones from Alex Goot. I’ve heard of Pentatonix - I’ll look some more into their music.

Joey - Two Steps From Hell sounds familiar. I’m having a listen now - already I’m enjoying the music. One of their pieces sounds extremely familiar. I like soundtrack-esque music for writing, particularly when it’s taken straight from a film as it tends to be quite long. Your suggestions are going to be very handy :)
Ty0a6epntatahkjz4zl2 Joey Angotti · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 2 likes
Lindsey Stirling is a staple in mine too.

I write a lot of action, but I also find words in songs to be a little distracting sometimes for the more serious moments in my work. I try to keep it mostly classical music but I also highly recommend trailer music. My playlist for writing is literally called: "EpicSymphony" and features mostly stuff from "Two Steps From Hell" - the name is off-setting but they just do a bunch of epic music you’ll hear in movie trailers. Definitely sets the tone for action scenes. For more dramatic scenes, check out "Epic Score." They basically do the same stuff but they usually have music that is slower, more calm.

Either way, I’d just type in "Epic Symphony Music" or "Trailer Music" on youtube and do some personal browsing. It’s my favorite music to write to and helps me stay focused.
Batten003 web400px Robert Batten · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
Have you listened to Lindsey Stirling before? She has a bunch of music videos on YouTube (and some of her latest videos actually have a western theme).

Other fallbacks for me include:
Alex Goot (lots of good covers)
Portrait by ralonica dad1w4x Elsa Denker · Author · added over 1 year ago
The current scene is a form of investigation - The protagonist and her mentor are travelling between towns to find the reason behind a large fight that happened a few days ago. There’s a lot of scenery description (think flat, dry and dusty, with small towns dispersed along a single trade route). Later there is a chase scene.

My current playlist has lots of music from Imagine Dragons, Bastille, Of Monsters and Men,  Lorde, The Lumineers, and The Cinematic Orchestra, with some film and video game music. I’d like to find some new artists. My novel has a slight western feel, so music that fits that style would be wonderful.
Batten003 web400px Robert Batten · Author · added over 1 year ago
Broad tastes is fine, but to give us a little direction, two questions:
1. What type of writing are you doing at the moment (introspective? or action? etc).
2. Can you give us a sample of what is in your current playlist so we know a little about your style?
Portrait by ralonica dad1w4x Elsa Denker · Author · added over 1 year ago
I love listening to music as I write. However, my beloved playlist is becoming a little too familiar. I need new songs!

Anything goes. I have a very broad music taste, so any genre is fine. It doesn’t have to be what you’d consider as ’writing music’ either.  :)