Wishing the best to Angela

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Img 20171111 152009 357 Becca Spence Dobias · Author · added 4 months ago
Thanks for your hard work, Angela! Welcome, Sarah!
Userphoto7 original Aiden Brooks · Reader · edited 4 months ago · 1 like
All the best!
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All the best, Angela, and hello, Sarah!
Picture Adam Gomolin · Inksharesian · edited 4 months ago · 8 likes

Dear All,

After four years, it is time to say goodbye to a member of the Inkshares family.  At the end of this week, Angela Melamud will be departing as our Assistant Director of Marketing.  Angela has been a valuable member of this team for more than four years and was actually our first hire outside of the founders.  She has secured reviews not only in publishing trades like Publishers Weekly but also major media outlets like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Good Morning America.  She has represented your novels with diligence and grace, so please join me in wishing her the best as she transitions toward freelance publicity work.  

I would also like to introduce Sarah Nivala, who will be joining our team.  I first met Sarah eighteen months ago, introduced to her by the CEO of Vroman’s, the largest bookselling chain west of the Mississippi and owner of Book Soup, where Sarah has worked.  For those of you who don’t know Book Soup, it’s one of the most iconic independent bookstores in North America. Sarah is possessed by an infectious love for books, a keen understanding of the marketplace, and advocacy skills honed doing the hardest thing in the business—hand-selling books.  Sarah will be supporting Avalon, who will retain overall responsibility on marketing. Over the next two weeks, please address the correspondence that would normally go to Angela to Avalon or myself.

Importantly, Sarah is the first of a few new faces who will be joining Inkshares and I look forward to introducing you to them over the next few months.