What is the best image proportion for Inkshares books?

Created about 3 years ago by Ferd Crôtte with 2 comments
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Cxh300 Christopher Huang · Author · edited about 3 years ago · 4 likes
The standard proportions appear to be 2:3 width to height. For use on the site, it looks as though that comes out as 400 pixels by 600 pixels.

But you’re probably going to want to have a much bigger, higher resolution "master copy" for when the thing does go to print. For that, I don’t know, but I would suggest being ready with something 6"x9" at 300dpi, or 1800x2700 pixels. Or, if you like, even higher: it’s better to scale down an image than to scale up.
098de134cf14fc66a9c66b4f51abf753 Ferd Crôtte · Author · added about 3 years ago
Planning for a final Inkshares project, in both e-book and physical book, I’d like to give an artist good direction in terms of image requirements: pixel dimensions, height/width proportion, resolution, etc.