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Profilepic David Guptil · Reader · added about 5 hours ago
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Parkour squirrel jumping over fence John Price · Author · added about 1 month ago
Hello to all!

I just joined InkShares and am very interested to see how it works.

I’ve done a lot of technical writing but this is my first attempt at fiction. Any comments on the work in progress would be greatly appreciated!

My novel, RESET, is a hard science fiction story set in multiple time periods ranging from the late 1980’s to c.a. 2050. I’ve put a number of draft chapters out on the story page.

Looking forward to learning from you! Thanks for the warm welcome.


John Price
23 Devin Seade · Author · added 2 months ago
Hello I’m Devin, I like writing horror and just recently heard of Inkshares and thought I would give it a try, I like the idea of being apart of a supporting group for writers and thank you.
Nbp1bazw Michael Kilman · Author · edited 3 months ago · 2 likes
Greetings! I was recently told about InkShares by an Indie author so I thought I would explore it. I am working on a series called Upon Stilted Cities (samples on my page) as well as several shorter novels. Currently, I only have one piece of fiction published in a literary magazine that is due out end of this month. The short-story is science fiction and is called ’On Arrival". I also write horror, occasionally fantasy and poetry. 

I am an anthropologist by education and training and I love exploring questions about the nature of humanity and different ways of knowing. Nice to meet you all! 
Josh Josh M. Parker · Author · edited 4 months ago · 1 like
Hey, how did I miss this thread until now? Okay, so hello, everybody, I’m also brand new (kinda) to the site and I think this whole thing is a great idea. I am wanting to get in on this slack page, but I don’t see a way to DM most if not all of those I’m supposed to DM to get it. Could I get some help on that front?
Db962179 df29 4eb8 8356 7beba7f34bcf Patrick McNulty · Author · added 4 months ago
Hello everyone! Brand new to the site and looking to make some great connections and get my second novel in my Ministry of the Wraith series off the ground. The book is called The Last Reaper. So if you dig horror thrillers with tons of action slide on down to my page and check it out. Other than that, I’m super excited to be here and looking forward to meeting you all!
Jcgjeq  Cari Dubiel · Author · added 5 months ago
Party parrot is going again...
21686023 10155757179491340 4732809479297639382 n Jim Quinlan · Author · edited 5 months ago
Hi everyone. Just discovered Inkshares via a blog post written by one of the guys who work here. I decided I’d get my children’s book on here and share it with all my contacts to see how things go. Any advice on pushing up pre-order interest is more than welcome.
F255c6ea6ba51f97047b06d2d4686203 Benjamin Gray · Author · edited 4 months ago · 2 likes
Hi! I discovered this a few months ago when my friend RH Webster’s book, Lucky, blew up during a science fiction contest. I entered the horror contest about a week ago with my book, The Wolf in the Woods. It’s a collection of 13 supernatural, surreal stories.

I also write the webcomic Dan the Snowman (danthesnowman.com), a comedy action adventure. My brother is the illustrator and also designed the cover for The Wolf in the Woods. I know it probably seems strange for a comedy writer to also write horror, but it’s all just subverted expectations, right?
Linkedin 2017 Chris Butera · Author · edited 4 months ago · 1 like
Hey all, I found this place through the Writers and Artists yearbook and I’m still a little curious as to how this all works. I just uploaded a few chapters for my book Assholes Unanimous, so if you guys could give me feedback and an explanation on how preorders work that would be awesome! I can also give feedback on your work  as well.
Edbgeu9i Eric Mee · Author · edited 9 months ago · 3 likes
Hello, I just discovered this site thanks to the Horror contest, and am loving what I’ve seen so far, how the site works, and the community. I submitted the first 20,000 words (roughly a third) of my novel, Fell, in the contest and would love to get some feedback and followers, and of course pre-orders if you’re so inclined. I’d gladly welcome any tips from the community in general as well, and look forward to discovering and supporting new talent here.

I envision Fell as the first book in a series, so there’s a lot of setup in the sample I put up; from there the action really begins. But it should still be enough to let a reader know if it’s the kind of book they would enjoy and want to see more.

I also have a daily webcomic that I recently started back up after a hiatus of a few months, called Skull. It’s a humor strip but tells a story. Current strips are on my Twitter, and past strips are archived on EricMee.com. I’d love to hear any feedback on that too.

2017 11 10 18.40.38 1 TCC Edwards · Author · added 10 months ago
We seem to have welcomed some bots - bad bots!
Everyone else is cool and awesome though. Welcome!
Userphoto5 original Reader Writer · Reader · added 10 months ago

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4c29250f 2510 435d 8878 4ea7fa09218e Chris Stukes · Author · added 10 months ago
I just made public the first three chapters of my first book, Becoming "It". I would really feedback on what I have written so far. Please read the "about" section before diving in though, this book may not be for everyone.
Pole Reader Writer · Reader · edited 10 months ago
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Adrian r abarca Adrian Robert Abarca · Author · edited 11 months ago · 2 likes
Hi everyone I am new here and I wanted to say hi. I am just trying to get to know folks and get a feel for the community. I am thankful for the opportunity to be here and I just wanted to introduce everyone to my novel LAND OF THE INFECTED.  Thanks to everyone for being kind and supportive. Best!
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited 11 months ago · 2 likes
Oops, sorry @Daniel Lee , I saw this comment and then forgot to reply. Just follow me on Inkshares and send me a DM with your email address and I’ll send you a new invite. :)
Dan 3 Daniel Lee · Author · added 12 months ago
Hi Jane-Holly!
Matthew Isaac Sobin told me that he had a Slack invite sent my way, but I never received it. 
Is there any way to resend it or troubleshoot the problem?

6hfexlsp J. E. Ellis · Author · added 12 months ago
Also, how do I follow people?
6hfexlsp J. E. Ellis · Author · added 12 months ago
Thanks, Jane (or is it Jane-Holly?)! I guess I was looking for a critique from writers, which may not be the right way to go about it.
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited 11 months ago · 1 like
You need to share the link with people, or post a thread asking for feedback (if you want any) - generally there is a large Writer community here, not Readers. If you want Readers you have to go get them, and the Writers aren’t usually browsing for new projects. :)
6hfexlsp J. E. Ellis · Author · added 12 months ago
New here and looking for guidance as to how to become more active, connected. I’ve put up the first few pages of one of my works-in-progress, with a question about POV. So far, it doesn’t look like anyone’s noticed. What do I need to do to change that?
Img 5552 Timothy Reinholt · Reader · edited 11 months ago · 3 likes
Yeah, Hi everyone, I’ve just been lurking and reading old posts to get a feel for the place, but I already check the forum often  to see what’s new. I plan to be a lot more involved once I finish writing. You’ve got a great community here, Thank You
18278952 10105531439962004 7699412381249820269 o Evan Graham · Author · edited 11 months ago · 3 likes
We have a pretty solid community. I know I wouldn’t be anywhere without some of the connections I’ve made here. Welcome to the fold!
5hl9zurt Mike Rich · Reader · edited 11 months ago · 4 likes
Just a quick note to the entire Inkshares family. I’ve only been up-and-running for a few weeks now, but I’m already struck by the energy I’m steadily drawing off of this place. I should have known that surrounding myself with a fraternity of writers would do exactly that, but it’s been much more than I expected. So often what we do is such a solitary endeavor, staring at the screen and that taunting cursor, that it’s easy to assume the hurdles and obstacles and celebrations that you’re experiencing aren’t being experienced by other writers here, there and everywhere. This site is a welcome reminder of all that. Thanks for the many kind welcoming words over these past couple of weeks. It’s good to be here.
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited 11 months ago · 8 likes
Every time someone likes Evan’s party parrot post the giant party parrot goes on the newsfeed. Which is justification enough to do it. ;)
Pic222 Chris Picone · Author · added about 1 year ago
The best.
18278952 10105531439962004 7699412381249820269 o Evan Graham · Author · edited 2 months ago · 20 likes
I gotcha covered.

Img 0137 p bw C. Brennecke · Author · edited 10 months ago · 4 likes
If I could put a party parrot here, I would ^_^
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited 2 months ago · 18 likes
Welcome to Inkshares! We have a very supportive author community here, but sometimes the forum isn’t the best way to communicate. There is a community Slack which has been set up for questions, fun, and networking - and we’d love to invite you to it!

Just DM @C. Brennecke , myself, @Michael Haase , @Alisa King  , @Evan Graham , @Craig A. Munro  or @Regina McMenomy, Ph.D. with your email and we will set you up!