Very Exciting week!

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A lot of people haven’t seen my updates for some reason so I thought i’d make a post about it. This week was super exciting! I got to meet the Inkshares team this week! Being bold I literally just showed up at their office was really taken with how nice and supportive everyone was.

It was really exciting being able to seethe legendary wall of published books. It wont be too long before mine is up there!

I even got to hold @Richard Heinz Book before he did. :P That was a trip!

@Elena Stofle Was sweet enough to toss me a copy of @Landon Crutcher ’s book. Super cool.

It was a real honor meeting the entire team and finding out they were ordinary San Francisco Bay Area Startup guys and really down to Earth.  If you’re ever in the Oakland Area I suggest doing the same. They can use the distraction ;)

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