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Created almost 2 years ago by Helen McKeon with 2 comments
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Batten003 web400px Robert Batten · Author · edited almost 2 years ago · 2 likes
If you have email addresses for them in your reader pipeline, they’ll receive the reader updates you post (using the project dashboard). Otherwise, I don’t believe Inkshares currently has the tools to generate twitter DMs to prospects.

Note: Most of us have found while general / bulk updates are important for followers and backers, only DMs really deliver in terms of translating prospects into pre-orders. As time consuming as it is, getting people to pony up requires the personal touch.
Me Helen McKeon · Author · added almost 2 years ago
I was just wondering if I’m missing something obvious. I have about 130 twitter ’prospects’ in my pipeline, is there a way for me to bulk communicate with them via the Reader Pipeline page, or do I have to DM each of them individually?