Trouble displaying photos in sample

Created almost 2 years ago by Kristin Clark with 5 comments
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Userphoto5 original Reader Writer · Reader · added 27 days ago
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Img 1188 Billy O’Keefe · Author · edited almost 2 years ago
Sorry to hear that. If you like and this isn’t too weird a suggestion, feel free to email me the text and pictures and I can try and lay them out here. Then you can just copy that and paste it onto your page (and I of course can delete it from here.) billyok[at]
Image Kristin Clark · Author · added almost 2 years ago
Thanks, Billy. I tried your suggestion below (pretty much the same as they emailed me to try), but no luck. And I tried on two different computers to rule out a computer issue.  I even deleted and re-pasted by text portion then tried to insert photos again, but no luck - nothing happens. I really need help, if anyone else has faced this problem! Thank you!     
Img 1188 Billy O’Keefe · Author · edited almost 2 years ago
Hey Kristin, I was in the same boat as you and discovered the photo thing can be a bit temperamental. Here’s what I did: 

1. In the space where you’d like the picture to go, type a single character (a letter, a period, a space, whatever)
2. Highlight that character
3. A little toolbar should then pop up next to your cursor, looks like this:

4. Click on the picture icon on the far right side of that toolbar, choose the picture to upload, and it should show up next to the character you typed after a few seconds or so.
5. Thank the character you typed for its usefulness and then you can delete it. The picture should stick around. 
Image Kristin Clark · Author · added almost 2 years ago
New to Inkshares and despite great step-by-step guidance sent in an email, I still can’t get my photos to show up in my sample/draft of my project!  Since it’s a photo/story book for children, having the photos as part of the sample is crucial!  Help! Thanks in advance!