The Notion Of Storytelling Through Nonfiction

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Cave2 square Irina Ivanova · Reader · added 3 months ago
I frankly don’t think it’s a misconception. By definition, a book with fictional elements is "fiction," while the rest (without fictional elements) is, by the method of exclusion, non-fiction.

That goes, of course, strictly for content, not for writing techniques.

If you’re writing a biography of a fiction writer, you can, of course, include excerpts of the writer’s fiction, but they would need to clearly shown as fiction, even if seamlessly woven into the non-fiction.

Some of my favorite books are non-fiction. A few of them are a combination of biography / travel journal. As a reader, I know some of the truth of both the biographical accounts and the travel are likely embellished, but the reason I’m reading that book is because of the non-fiction content. Because I believe that the author did experience what he said he did while hunting to complete the biography of the person he wrote about, and that his account of his findings was honest.

If I read an interview with the author down the line where he said he made up half of what was in his books for the sake of the readers’ enjoyment, I’d be pissed and I’d probably never pick up another of his books ever again. Even if I did enjoy the fictional elements.

So, yeah, I’m of the strongly held opinion that fictional content makes a book fiction, and should be labeled as such.

As for whether we’ll have "memoirs with fictional elements," I think that’s an interesting question and a cool concept (as long as the fictional elements aren’t passed off as facts). We already have historical fiction, which is basically fictional biographies of real people / time periods, but doing it for contemporary memoirs could be interesting. It would likely go in the way of "Life of Pi," but that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.
300 Sarah Smith · Reader · added 3 months ago

It is a mere misconception to believe that nonfictional books do not have any fictitious elements. These books certainly have a few fictitious elements but of course, we cannot compare them to fictional books. I have always written nonfictional books by combining both the elements of fictional and nonfictional writing techniques but everyone has their own writing style. I have noticed that there has been an upsurge in people who are looking for non fiction writers for hire. I believe that soon everyone would want to convey his or her story in the form of a compelling and captivating nonfictional book. What is your opinion about the popularity of nonfiction writing?