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Image1 Daryl Palmer · Author · edited 7 days ago · 2 likes
Me Helen McKeon · Author · edited 7 days ago · 1 like
That seems fair @Robert Batten :D
Batten003 web400px Robert Batten · Author · edited 7 days ago · 1 like
Welcome @Soul Surfer !
Your novel sounds interesting — I’ve given it a follow and will try to have a read when I have time.

Very cool to hear the newspaper article brought you to Inkshares @Helen McKeon — I hope you know once your novel funds I’m going to claim bragging rights :)

@Soul Surfer - can I point you at my own piece of fiction, Human Resources? It’s dystopian science-fiction that could be described as I am Legend meets Underworld.
Me Helen McKeon · Author · edited 7 days ago · 4 likes
I found this site through an article in my local newspaper. The article wasn’t about the website itself but @Robert Batten ’s impending success in the Launchpad competition.  My book, Rule Britannia was laying around and thought I’d use this site to motivate me to actually do something with it.  I think the site is a great middle ground between the traditional ’get and agent, get a publisher’ route and self-publishing.
Good luck with your project!
Image1 Daryl Palmer · Author · edited 8 days ago · 3 likes
I found this website by listening to the Sword and Laser podcast, and I thought it sounded like a great way to get my book out to the world to see if people would be interested in reading it. How else did other people find this website? I really feel like this is a great idea, and as it says, gives readers a way to find new writers and vice-versa. 
Let me know if there are any good books that I should start following and possibly pre-order! Also, feel free to say hi as well!