Stellar Drift - sci-fi/horror on a labyrinthine starship

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Idajz q6 400x400 Adam St.Pierre · Reader · edited over 1 year ago · 4 likes
Hey everyone,

I’m taking a crack at the Inkshare’s 2017 Horror Contest with my upcoming novel Stellar Drift.

It’s set on a decimated generation ship and features a cast of characters working to discover their own history while struggling to be on top of what remains. It delves into existential horror territory with dashes of political intrigue and adventure that I hope you will enjoy.

You can read the first chapter and some character summary’s on its page:

Take a look and throw in a pre-order if it seems up your alley. I’ll release progressive chapters every 15 pre-orders so help get the word out! Let me entertain you with the amount of ways I can describe darkness in one novel. You will not be disappointed!

And always feel free to DM with comments/critiques. Open to sharing or reviewing other work too!