Some help tweaking my book page

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Endor paul Paul Inman · Author · added over 2 years ago
@Suaine There is also tons of information about pages from@JF Dubeau and I on our Inkshares themed podcast, WriteBrain. You can search for it on iTunes or go to 

Good luck! 
Lj icon me Suaine · Author · added over 2 years ago
I spiffed the page up a little bit! I even added my first attempt at a trailer :D
Lj icon me Suaine · Author · added over 2 years ago
Oh, oh this is all really good. I actually took down the somewhat big pictures I had because they were blocking the whole page but I want to put some back up later when I have time to make them shiny.

And yes, the names I should probably tweak. Thing is, there’s multiple POVs and in each they are adressed a little differently. In Meg’s narration it’s Meg, of course, and then she calls Jasmin either Pierce or Captain at first, but then there’s a point when it shifts to Jasmin (which is actually really emotional and important)

Now, Jasmin, in her narration it’s almost always Meg - there’s a bit of a power thing because Jasmin is a civilian so she does what small business owners (and my boss) sometimes do: they call almost everyone under them by first name. She does sometimes think of Meg as Commander or Commander Pham though, when the military stuff comes up.

I’ll get on that link thing right away.

Those comparisons are going to be fun - I’ll have to think on those for a bit.

Close up A.C. Weston · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 5 likes
Hi Suaine!
You’ve got a good start to your project page. I have some suggestions, though everyone has their own style, of course...

I followed the link to your visuals for your characters (Derek Hale!! Grumpy cuddle monster of my heart!!) and I think you should put those images on your project page! The cover you have at the link might even be better than the one you have up on Inkshares, since people connect better to faces. Faces are good to have on your book cover.

You should add any links you might have to blogs (that you want to associate with your campaign), twitter, facebook, pinterest, etc etc.

I’d mention the main characters by the names you call them throughout the book in your synopsis - do you call them Captain Pierce and Commander Pham, or Meg and Jasmine? The former sounds more distancing, and you want people to connect with them as quickly as possible.

Other than that, the only thing I tend to recommend is coming up with some comparisons to help people understand your book more easily - "If you liked ___________ and _____________, you’ll love my book!"

"A cross between ___________ and ____________, etc."

"If you loved ________________ but wanted more ___________, you’ll love my book!"

:) :) :)
Lj icon me Suaine · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 1 like
Hey everyone,

I’m in need of some assistance. I am literally so new to all of this that I don’t really know what a book page really needs to be appealing. What does a book page need to be successful and what is mine lacking?

What can I do to make people look at the page, interact with the story, get some recs or comments?

Please check it out and let me know how I can make it better: