Share: What's your favourite line from your book / project?

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“Wha’ the ****?! Norl’s blessed breath Sir!” the gunner grabbed the front of the colonel’s uniform and hauled him down to a crouch. “You can’t be here, Colonel!” he roared in the old man’s face. Too bad the cannon can’t shoot his breath. We’d have won already.

Mike 1 edited John Michaels · Reader · edited about 2 months ago

    As I snapped up my pack, a vicious low growl filled the room. Glancing toward the door as my hand loosed the Colt from the holster, I saw Max, standing in a statuesque pose.  His head was low and his lips were drawn back, with glistening teeth shining in the dark. The black mask of his facial coloring was barely visible in the poorly lit room. Jacked muscles that looked out of place on a puppy were drawn tight, and his hips were coiled.  The golden fur was standing along his spine, creating a full mohawk down to his serpentine tail, drawn curled and tense like a scorpion’s before it strikes.

Fire Sale - Death of an Eagle   

Me headshot jan 27 2017 Rochelle Campbell · Author · added about 2 months ago
So true! One sentence is hard...
"The charred walls had hundreds of human eyes embedded within their confines from floor to ceiling, and from width to width.  All of the eyes were a stunning cerulean.  The eyes blinked out of sync with one another making the miscreation seem as if it would tear itself from the foundation and lunge at the undead corpse." - Fury From Hell

Autumn leaves owl K.L. Noone · Author · edited 3 months ago · 1 like
Picking just one is so hard! Here, have a small section...

He handled wood-gathering and fire-building and roasting potatoes. Tir offered to help; Ollie scowled at him until he sat down meekly and got out a book. Bandages remained around slim fingers, catching light under distant stars.

They both knew enough not to go hunting or trapping in the Northern Territories; for one thing, it was impolite, given that some fairies could shapeshift, and for another, nobody really knew what eating too much fairy game or fruit would do to a human. Tir said that the local berries and fruit that almost-but-not-entirely resembled apricots were safe, and anyway they were still on the human side of the border; the fruit would’ve adapted itself to less-magic conditions. Oliver considered the almost-apricot and its potential for sentience and deliberate adaptation, and did not eat it. Tirian rolled eyes, got up and picked two, and threw one at him. “You export these, you know.”

“Well…yeah, but—wait, go sit down!”

“And you make wine out of them. Expensive wine.”

“Not me personally,” Ollie said. “I have no clue how to make wine. Yes, I know, you’ve made your point, thank you.” The not-apricot was delicious. “Potatoes in a minute. Read your book.”
Bio pic 2 Ryan Cook · Author · edited 3 months ago · 3 likes
"Where ever you go, I’m coming too."

I love it and I hate it. It’s so simple and unoriginal, and I call back to it several times. It is the best way I can demonstrate a younger sibling’s love for their older sibling.
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@Evaric Weicksel  Oooooh - I actually quite like it. I find it rather fetching.
Pyramids Evaric Weicksel · Author · edited 3 months ago · 3 likes
"Cavity inducing cards." I love that!

I rewrote my first chapter this morning and can’t decide if the new opening line is genius or nonsense:

"When you’re the kind of person who murders your whole family, how many sugars do you put in your coffee?"
Tal bio Tal M. Klein · Author · edited about 2 months ago · 6 likes
“I don’t get it," I said quizzically staring at the garment she held so proudly in her hands. "What’s the deal with lab coats? You do plenty of work at home in your pajamas, it’s not like wearing a lab coat somehow transforms you into Super Science Girl.”
“It’s to ensure the lab is hygienic and no one is contaminated. You can’t hide stains on a white coat. Mostly though, if you spill a chemical on yourself the idea is that the coat will absorb it or at least give you enough time to prevent the liquid from reaching your clothes or skin.”
“But isn’t this a quantum physics lab?” I asked, “I mean it’s not like you guys are messing with anything dirty.”
"A very astute observation, Doctor Scientist." Sylvia smirked angrily, taking the coat off its hanger and throwing it at me, causing me to crash my car in the game and nearly scold myself with coffee.
“Hey!” I yelled.
“Were you suggesting quantum physicists can’t spill coffee?” she asked, then walked to our room and slammed the door shut. 
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I have a few, but for some reason this section always makes me proud:

Post-boxes, which should have been filled with cavity-inducing cards and well-wishes, were hushed amongst pamphlets alerting all of Argent to her disappearance. Where there should have been glittering, colorful, posters proclaiming good tidings across the city’s walls, there were dreadful black posters that bore the last photograph ever taken of her. Hundreds of pairs of eyes wandered over hers. They hesitated, as though needing a moment to collect themselves, and upon glossing over the information dotting shops decorated with wreaths, lights, spiralling ribbons, and plump bows that tied themselves, every witch and wizard dusted off their hands, lowered their heads, and silently thought to themselves – ‘What a crying shame.’ Then, they continued about their holiday business, pondering over many life-altering decisions such as whether cranberry sauce was really all that better than cranberry jelly.