Red Circle: A brand new science fiction/horror/mystery novel!

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Ua00igsh Matt Farley · Author · added 4 months ago

Hey everyone,

I have another big update this week! Over the past couple of days I’ve added four chapters to Red Circle, which you can read here:

I’ve now shared just under half of this novel on Inkshares, and I don’t think I’ll be posting anymore chapters. The next few to come after these really start to reveal some huge plot points and essential character moments, including the identity of the killer much sooner than you might expect. While I’m even prouder of what comes next, I want to keep that part of the story close to the vest until the complete novel is in your hands.

Like I mentioned last time, if you have the time or inclination to read my work, leave some feedback, recommend it to your followers, or share on social media, I would be forever grateful. Anything you can do to help me get the word out before the pre-order campaign begins would be amazing and I will gladly return the favor.

Thanks again for your support. Happy reading and writing!

21e95cf11cbd95199d85e8c5eddbb775 Ricky Ruszin · Author · edited 6 months ago · 1 like
I haven’t read your samples yet, but it sounds good! I’ll let you know when I do!
Ua00igsh Matt Farley · Author · added 6 months ago
Sharing my first reader update here:

Hi everyone,

I’m here to give you a brief update on the status of Red Circle. Before diving in I’d like to first thank everyone who has followed this book, left comments and reviews, and spent any time reading my work. I’ve only been on Inkshares for a couple of weeks but I’ve received a tremendous amount of feedback and support in that short amount of time.

Some of you have kindly been asking me for more of this book, and for those of you who are eager for additional chapters I have good news. I have 10 chapters completed, which is nearing the halfway point in the novel. I’ve outlined the remaining sections and I’m in the process of writing more. I’m also taking time this week to review and revise what I’ve already written to ensure it is in the best shape possible before sharing it with the Inkshares community.

To that end, I’ve just added revised versions of the first two chapters, and you can expect additional chapters in the next week or two.

Thank you again for your time and support and I look forward to hearing more about what you think of Red Circle!


Matt Farley

Ua00igsh Matt Farley · Author · edited 6 months ago · 1 like
I’ve just posted the first two chapters of my brand new novel Red Circle! I’m new to Inkshares and I would love some feedback from the community before I add more chapters and begin my campaign. Thanks so much for your time and let me know if you have any questions or comments.