Recharged after a refund for a failed campaign?

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Img 6410 Avalon Marissa Radys · Inksharesian · edited 2 months ago · 3 likes
@J. Graham-Jones Apologies if that was confusing  Adam was referring mainly to other comments, emails, and conversations around The List, not specific to this thread.  

Our team was working on clearing up the refunds issue with Devil’s Call when you emailed in and posted to the forum. Often Inkshares authors and users are so quick and diligent at reporting issues that you beat us to it. :) It’s a great team effort.

@Sara Polk Thank you for your understanding and your willingness to launch a new campaign! Wishing you the best of luck.

And as always, thank you @Elena Stofle for being the most wonderful, attentive, and flexible Operations Manager and Queen of Customer Service that any of is could ask for.
Me J. Graham-Jones · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 2 likes

I’m confused. I don’t see anyone being disrespectful in this thread, just asking questions and wanting to understand what is happening, in a situation where there has been little to no communication about what is going on. I am sure you can see that it is concerning to have charges coming and going from your card without any detail, particularly having just had an email about getting a refund days earlier. 

I can understand that you are a small team, working within tight constraints, but you must also appreciate that as a customer I expect a degree of respect from any business that I’m interacting with. Part of that includes providing clear, honest updates when things don’t go to plan. Just a simple email to say "oops - we refunded this by mistake" would have been fine. 

@Rick Heinz  I hope nothing that I’ve said comes across as an attack on any author because that certainly isn’t my intention. My concern and feedback are more about the broader issue of having a lack of clarity around and communication about what is going on.

@Elena Stofle Thank you :) 

Picture Rick Heinz · Author · edited 2 months ago · 1 like
Maybe my perspective can shift some stuff:

My Sequel Dystopia was in funding mode recently from the 1 day I had it in the G&S Fantasy contest, even though it was separated from the contest, I never updated the timeline, so it naturally finished on 10/31 when the contest ended. 

When it was done, my sequel Dystopia was kept around even though I thought it had ended. There was a glitch near the end that put the campaign in "ends today." That sat there. Forever. With no refunds being processed. Just like Devil’s Call. Finally I clicked a single button on the page and just like that... ’Poof’ everyone’s orders were refunded and the campaign was ended.  Even though I had a potential desire to keep it running throughout my book launch, I decided to just let it lapse there for now and finish writing it. 

But that same log is the reason why others that wanted an extension, didn’t get it in time. I know my campaign personally had that hang-up, and I bet so did Devil’s. 

So, I went the other way than Devil’s Call, but there was a glitch and a delay in processing stuff. So don’t go run out and punish the Author of Devil’s Call because changing payment processes or whatever caused a problem. 

As for the List contest, let everyone have their second shot and push themselves off the edge. They set it up that there can be 3 in the top 3 and 3 more from anywhere else in the contest. If you are in the list. Focus on making an awesome campaign to attract attention. 

This contest doesn’t seem so much about a race to the top 3, as it does your ability to run an attention grabbing campaign. 

Screen shot 2018 10 22 at 10.04.47 am Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · edited about 2 years ago · 2 likes
@J. Graham-Jones there is no need to restore @Sara Polk ’s orders, as her refunds had not yet been processed. I have given her an extension. I hope this is satisfactory for everyone, thank you all for your patience and understanding. Again, sorry for the confusion. 
Picture Adam Gomolin · Inksharesian · edited 2 months ago
Hi All, 

1) Devil’s Call was accidentally refunded.  Many authors ask for extensions on Inkshares, as Jamie did; after all, we know you have lives (with kids and partners) and jobs (with demanding bosses) outside of writing.  We do our best to get those processed in time.  We had agreed to extend Jamie’s out and, unfortunately, we didn’t process it in time.  Nobody is being charged twice for this book.  This is an unusual occurrence, and in the future we will notify all backers on this.  Anyone wanting to cancel their order on this title can reach out to hello [at] 

2) We are not otherwise reprocessing orders for books that didn’t meet their goal and were refunded.  If books did not cross their goals and are not yet refunded, reach out to us, and we’ll try to extend your campaign out with your existing backers.  If not, backers of those books remains as followers of the project, and those authors can reach out to their followers via their dashboard.  

3) We recognize that the nature of The List as a contest means there is an uneven starting point.  The only way to avoid this would be to zero out all campaigns, and that would be unfair in the opposite direction.  That said, nobody has to enter the contest.  You can keep the accolade and not enter the contest.  

4) Generally, Thad and I ask that each of you be extremely respectful of the Inkshares staff.  Disrespectful posts or emails tax a small crew that is already working overtime to realize exciting opportunities for new author voices.  

Me J. Graham-Jones · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 3 likes
Will @Sara Polk get her preorders restored too?
Screen shot 2018 10 22 at 10.04.47 am Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · edited about 2 years ago · 3 likes
Hi everyone, I am very sorry for the confusion! Devil’s Call was ended before the author wanted it to be. We have put it back into production and restored the orders so that it can be in The List 2016 contest. If you have changed your mind and no longer want this book, we can refund you (just email us) and we will take care of that. I am sorry for the confusion, you should have been notified first, and for that, we apologize. 

Also, none of you have been charged any more than the original number of copies you ordered, so don’t worry about multiple charges. 

If anyone has specific questions about their projects, pease email me, I will be happy to sort out any issues. 
Smiles in sf Regina McMenomy, Ph.D. · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 2 likes
I’m sorry,  @Sara Polk. I know how hard it is to ask for orders in the first place. It’s got to be terrible to ask again when refunds haven’t happened. 
Smiles in sf Regina McMenomy, Ph.D. · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 6 likes
I am curious, too. I got an update from the author of Devil’s Call today that her campaign had ended and was being relaunched but I never got a refund from my original purchase. 

If The List is going to have any kind of consistency it would follow that all campaigns would be reinstated with the orders they had when they ended. It certainly doesn’t make sense to have just ONE campaign have such a favorable start. It’s already an imbalanced contest as it stands since the books that have already made Quill have such an extraordinary lead. 
Valkyrie2 %282%29 Tahani Nelson · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 7 likes
Agreed. We all got the e-mail that the money would be refunded. Having been told of that fact but not of having the money re-charged could hurt a lot of people who have to keep track of every penny. Even if they DON’T have to keep close track of finances, they at least deserve to be told that they’re paying for the book again.

Also-- why this book and not others? As far as I can tell, Devil’s Call didn’t reach Quill or ask for an extension. If it’s because it’s one of the books on THE LIST, then why did books like Soul Ripping have to start back over at 0?
Me J. Graham-Jones · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 7 likes
I emailed about this too, but I’m putting a post in here just in case this will get seen first. 

I’m confused and concerned. I got an email recently about being refunded for my purchase of Devils Call.

The book is now once again appearing on my bookshelf as having been purchased, without me taking any action to order it again.

Has a payment been taken from my card without my authorisation and without any email to let me know you were going to do this?

If so, this payment should be refunded ASAP as I did not authorise another payment.