Quill Timeline

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W0mmhsh8 Marie Green w/ MK McFadden · Author · added 4 months ago
I will, Elizabeth, thank you.
Yhp0 9p8 Elizabeth Rain · Author · edited 4 months ago · 2 likes
According to their Tumblr, Inkshares plans on fading out Quill... Quote from their blog post:

"However, after two years, we are winding down Quill as we continue to evolve Inkshares. One of the strongest assets of Inkshares is its community of authors and readers—many of whom provided us with valuable feedback on the strengths and limitations of Quill throughout these two years. This feedback, along with our own insights gleaned from the process, helped inform our decision to wind down Quill. " 

Perhaps look more into this?
W0mmhsh8 Marie Green w/ MK McFadden · Author · added 5 months ago
When you hit Quill, what is the timeline for when they publish and what exactly do they do?