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Bard Max Lindern · Reader · added about 3 years ago
I am still new. I’ve looked at the mechanics of the site, I’ve read the faq and sifted through the forums. I’ve come to the conclusion that either my Indiana Jones is from Mars, or there is secret knowledge out there that I’m missing because my brain farts.
When I recommend a book or draft it shows in a highlight section. When I find a book or draft I especially like I want it to stay in the highlight box. When I reco more stories the picks I want on my page get driven down. Should I stop making recos? Is there a way I can lock those selections in? Even if I reco more stories?
Any reviews and recommendations that I gather on my work seem to follow suit,( I only have one review and I’m keeping it, dammit!) so I guess I’m asking if this is a default setting and I’m not seeing the mech. Or am I at default for being a monkey who still writes onna typewriter? (It’s prolly me. I’m gonna be humiliated, but I live in a zoo, I’m used to it)