Priced to move!

Created almost 2 years ago by Billy O’Keefe with 2 comments
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Picture Alexander Barnes · Author · added over 1 year ago
I cannot wait to receive the copies of your book I ordered. I’ve got stocking stuffers for next christmas. :P
Img 1188 Billy O’Keefe · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 7 likes
So I realize I’m doing this all backward, by submitting something to the "promote your works" forum AFTER it’s been funded. But hey, if you’ve been on the fence about These Are My Friends on Politics but have visions of post-Election Day stocking stuffers or some other gift-giving occasion dancing in your head, you now can get it for a more impulse buy-friendly price. 

Everyone who is reading this and backed the book already: THANK YOU. An appreciative reader update is on the way and it will be written just for you.