Picture book on inkshares?

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12705514 1681786355434469 8877415805828192040 n Dale Hanson · Author · added 9 months ago
good to know. thanks

Avatar Kate Amedeo · Author · added 9 months ago
I believe that when you decide to start the pre-orders you can choose if you’d like to do both or just one of them. If you choose both ten you get the quill at 250 and the inkshares goal at 750. You can get both of them if you get enough pre-orders (750 or more) or just the quill if you get to 250.
12705514 1681786355434469 8877415805828192040 n Dale Hanson · Author · added 9 months ago
I see, that’s pretty cool. Is it a one or the other type of deal, if you decide to "go quill" can you still continue to "full Inkshares"?

Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited 9 months ago · 1 like
Dale - if you presell 250+ copies of your book you will qualify for the Quill imprint, which is Inkshares’ light publishing tier (minimal editing, ebook and print on demand). To qualify for "full Inkshares" you have to sell 750+ orders.
12705514 1681786355434469 8877415805828192040 n Dale Hanson · Author · added 9 months ago
Hi Kate, I’ve never understood what the Quill goal is. I’ve read about it on the inkshares page but I’m not sure i get it. Could you explain it a bit?
Headshot katie  web   copy Katie Hayes · Author · added 9 months ago
Hi Dale,  those are great questions.  In my case, I was lucky because my illustrations can be resized to fit many different sized pages. I’m a little unusual, because I only hit the quill funding goal and not the 750 mark, so I’ll work with a designer and format the pages myself.  I have asked the inkshares team your same question (what standard page sizes I have to choose from) and I am expecting an answer soon.  In the meantime, I’m formatting for an 8 1/2 x11 book, because that’s what will fit my project the best!
12705514 1681786355434469 8877415805828192040 n Dale Hanson · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
Hi Kate,

I’m working on publishing a children’s picture book here (on inkshares) as well. It’s called Timmy Meets the Sock Monster. https://www.inkshares.com/books/timmy-meets-the-sock-monster 

I’m at the point where I’m ready to push the PreSale button! But I’m hesitant because I have a ton of questions.

 I don’t want to hijack your thread but I wanted to ask a few general question and hopefully get a response from the community at large and maybe start a discussion with the inkshares team. So here it goes.

A children’s picture book is different than a standard book in that it is very dependent on, well, pictures. The inkshares team has assured me that children’s books can do well here, and I do believe that to be the case. 

One of the most pressing questions I have is how do we submit the final artwork to inkshares so that it can be used in the publishing of the book?
The answer to this question will dictate how we format and even create our original artwork.

Another question is how much say do we, as the authors, have in the final format of the book? Can it be 8" X 8" square 9" X 9"? or is there an industry standard that we need to work within?

I’m sure there are a lot of other questions that concern only picture books, so I would love to get a general dialog going with the Inkshares team on the production aspects of children’s picture books. I’m sure children’s books can do well here.


Avatar Kate Amedeo · Author · added 10 months ago
@Katie Hayes I have sent you a message on Facebook, sorry, I don’t know how to send messages here on Inkshares :) My name on FB is Jekaterina Kotelnikova.
Headshot katie  web   copy Katie Hayes · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
@Kate Amedeo , that is totally ok! I’m newbie too, so we can learn together!!
Avatar Kate Amedeo · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
@Katie Hayes , thank you so much for commenting! I took a look at your book, congratulations with the quill goal! I am a total newbie in illustrating (I have studied art for 4 years but that’s different to creating illustrations for children :) ) but have been writing children’s stories for some time now. I will definitely follow your advice. I have a blog where I post about my stories but I am so bad with social networks and stuff that I do not even know where to start with finding readers or followers (not speaking of pre-orders even). Is it ok for me to maybe contact you and ask for more advice? I would really appreciate it! (if not, it’s ok, I know how precious ones spare time can be! :) )

Headshot katie  web   copy Katie Hayes · Author · edited 10 months ago · 5 likes
Hi Kate!  I am the author of the Book that Jane-Holly mentioned, Twisted Tales for Tacky Children.  Twisted Tales is an illustrated children’s book that is currently in production at the Quill level. I think I have some "lessons learned" that will be helpful for you.  The first is pricing.  When I was selling pre-orders for my book, I priced it at $30.00 for a hardcover book.  I’m glad I did, because it was really important to me that my book had color illustrations.  Because I only reached the quill funding level, there was some question about if I would be able to include color illustrations, but because of the way I had set my pricing, this worked out.  The Inkshares team was great to work with on this front, and always responded to emails quickly.  If in doubt, I recommend writing to them.  The second thing I learned with my inkshares page, is that the "preview" chapter feature didn’t seem set up to feature a kids book in the way I wanted to display.  I solved this problem by creating a website for the book (I used wix-- they are free and looked really professional.) Whenever I sent out a reader update to my followers, I’d say something like "I’ve posted a new poem here" and include a link to a poem and illustration.  I liked this much better, and it made my inkshares page look way cleaner. Other tips I learned were to clean my illustrations up in illustrator before posting them (I’m a watercolorist, and the illustrations looked much more professional without the textured white background in the negative space) and I also discovered the amazing (and free) website Canva where I created my book cover and marketing materials.  I have zero graphic design experience, and all of these were things that were easy to learn as a beginner.  I hope this information helps, and congrats on your kids book! 
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
https://www.inkshares.com/books/twisted-tales-for-tacky-children-4ed63d Here’s another example of a picture book on Inkshares. Good luck!
Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
Yes it can work. There are ways to upload pictures to pages. I’m not sure exactly how but I’ve seen it done. I wish I knew a name so I could link them to here and help you, maybe you can email Hello(at)inkshares.com
Endor paul Paul Inman · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
@Kate Amedeo Found the title, it’s called Guns in the Hands of Artist.  Why not give it a shot, you never know what could happen...
Avatar Kate Amedeo · Author · added 10 months ago
Hi, Paul! Looked up the works you mentioned (couldn’t find the third one, though). Those are children’s books but they are meant for the adults :)

I’ve also checked out the children’s section to see what’s happening but there’s not much other than works in draft stage. Anyway, I will try to give it a go. You never know! :)

Endor paul Paul Inman · Author · edited 10 months ago · 1 like
There have been some in the past. Look up These are my Friends on Politics, The Elephant In The Room, Art with Guns (not the right title, but it’s something like that).  😌
Avatar Kate Amedeo · Author · added 10 months ago
Hello, everyone! I was just wondering, trying to publish a picture book on here Inkshares, is that something that could work?