Opening line from your book/project

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S g PW Jordan · Author · added 6 days ago
He called himself a Financier. A fancy title to go with the fancies of grandeur he had accumulated and which had drawn She to He. The ragged called him Uncle, the better heeled a Shylock and the Courts and their Confederates the gutter press; A Usurer. He wrinkled a red veined nose at this insult.
Image Luke Eaton · Author · added about 1 month ago
The killer cut the tape with his teeth and wondered at his own nature. From, "To Restore A Child Murder"
Profilepic Nick Nafpliotis · Author · added 4 months ago

Walter Inman’s eyes popped open to find Sergeant Bateman leaning over him with his helmet off. No blue light in the sky. No writhing, shapeless mass descending from above.

It was over. They were still alive.

Img 20151017 121906 Durena Burns · Author · added 4 months ago
My opening line from my introduction is  "George Whitehead was only thirteen years old when he left his home at the crack of dawn and then wandered the dangerous streets of a segregated neighborhood."
Picture Iriplenex · Author · added 4 months ago
Lelieth opened her eyes with a slow draw, feeling completely exhausted. 
Userphoto5 original Luis Castillo · Reader · edited 4 months ago · 2 likes
Just wondering what people’s opening lines are. I’ve got a prologue to start my YA fantasy, EXCELSIOR. The first line is:

"His left leg hurts like hell."

But, the first line of the novel proper is:

"Oh, shit."

Please share!