Not receiving emails

Created about 3 years ago by John Dennehy with 3 comments
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Img 0366 Thad Woodman · Inksharesian · edited about 3 years ago · 1 like
Hi @John Dennehy , sorry about that. I just deployed a patch and it should be working now.
162980 10150347252315626 6077063 n Joseph Terzieva · Author · added about 3 years ago
34776 470600893241 3321574 n John Dennehy · Author · added about 3 years ago
A few days ago I accidentally clicked "unsubscribe" on one of the emails informing me of a new pre-order. I’ve since gone back into my email preferences and checked the ’money’ box to continue to get those sales emails but when I hit ’update’ the box loses it’s check. So I no longer get emails about books sales, both my own and also when I order other books. How can I fix this?