Non-public project behaviour

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Batten003 web400px Robert Batten · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 2 likes
I wanted to check the behaviour regarding projects that "have not been made public yet."

I’ve hit this a couple of times when looking at the profiles of people who have followed me - I go to look at their own books only to receive the "this book has not been made public yet" message.  See below:

Looking at the writer’s profile I see a link to their draft book:
I click on the book to check it out and bounce to the home page with this banner message:

My question is:

If a book hasn’t been made public yet by the author, is it ok for it to show up in the authors list of books (is that desired behaviour)?

If the answer to (1) above is yes, then wouldn’t it be a better user experience to provide an indication on the author’s profile page that the book isn’t public and prevent the user from clicking on it in the first place?