Nerdist Sci-Fi Contest: The Story So Far Part 2

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Him24ouo Gilles DeCruyenaere · Author · added over 1 year ago
Thanks for putting this together - great job!
Daniel lee headshot cropped Daniel Lee · Author · added over 1 year ago
Thanks for the write-up!

AFTER DEATH is now in 6th place, and it would be awesome if you’d all consider checking it out and preordering! Obviously it’s an uphill battle to crack the top 3, and I can use all the help I can get!

Thank you so much!
Profphoto3 Katherine Forrister · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
Thanks for the shout-out! It’s lovely of you to take this much time to explore the top 20. I hope it boosts interest! 
Yxhk42e4 Anniken Haga · Author · added over 1 year ago
Thank you for the update. Great review.
The next two weeks will be interesting! 
G6ohwk9u Patrick Tebbe · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
Great review of the top 20!
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 2 likes
Thank you so much for this, @Joey Angotti 
I am still fighting for a place at the top!
Ty0a6epntatahkjz4zl2 Joey Angotti · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 6 likes

(Long post, Wall-o’-text incoming)

[It’s important to note that this takes a bit of time to write and all numbers and placements are based on where everyone is when I write this. It may be different now but it should be close.]


Hey everyone! My name is @Joey Angotti  and welcome to The Story So Far Nerdist Sci-Fi Contest Edition! I made a forum post not that long ago explaining that I would be releasing these every other week instead of every week like I did for the last contest. The reasoning behind that is mainly because I had a few (good!) things happen in my life between the first one I released and this one so I’m busy focusing on that and don’t have as much time as I did for the last contest. I think in the long run that this will make these a little more interesting and not as taxing to write as the last contest I was writing about the same books every week and practically writing the same things about them. That’s basically all I needed to get out of the way first before we start, but now we can focus on the fact that there has been quite a few shake ups in the top 20 and some new faces. Let’s get this ball rolling, shall we?

 You can view the last edition here: Nerdist Sci-Fi Contest The Story So Far Part 1

(I understand some titles are tied, but I’m going to just post them in the order they appear on the leaderboards!)


20. Life Versus Death by @Michael Adams  (7 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: N/A)

Life Versus Death by Michael Adams is the first book in a planned trilogy. If you haven’t checked out his author page yet, I highly recommend it as this concept is pretty dang awesome! What I noticed immediately from his description of the story and the character names is that there are a ton of little easter egg-like references to other authors and book series scattered throughout the story as well as the character names themselves. That hooked me right away as I love little homages and tips of the hat to other works like that and it really makes you want to root for certain characters and their journeys before you even begin diving in.

The concept is basically that a man (Paul Truman) dies and is sent to the afterlife but due to some unusual circumstances regarding his death, he’s sent back to find out how he died. That alone is pretty awesome, but throw in the fact that Death itself is bored of his day-to-day and gathers some characters up to try to change the monotony of everyday death dealing and we’re in for one wild ride! Definitely check out the book page where you will find a really great sample chapter!

19. Pre-Cognition by @Robert Trusardi  (8 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: 9th)

Unfortunately Pre-Cognition by Robert Trusardi fell out of the Top 10, but I still believe that this is one of the top campaigns to watch in this contest. I mentioned last time that Mr. Trusardi has quite the credentials coming into this contest and I believe it will show more and more with each week. This is probably one of the most thought-out and polished concepts in the contest and the sample chapters are definitely worth the read. While you’re on the book page, you should head over to the review page and see what other people are saying about this story so far. Majority of the reviews talk about Mr. Trusardi’s writing style saying how clean and concise it is and I couldn’t agree more. Christopher Lee went on to say: “This project looks like a hell of a lot of fun!” and I couldn’t agree with Mr. Lee more. Don’t miss this one!

18. Maritime Expedition and Recovery by @Connor Johnson  (9 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: 15th)

Despite falling three places in the Top 20, I still believe that this story by Mr. Johnson is one of the most unique in the contest and the sooner people check it out the better! Mr. Johnson has added another chapter for our viewing pleasure and it definitely helps flesh out some more of the story and the characters. If nothing else, you should at least treat yourself to the first chapter which follows Cascade, one of William “Riptide” Fisher’s crew members. I like this approach, as William is ultimately the main character(and does get established in this chapter as well), but it immediately gives us insight into his crew, who they are and why they’re so important. The writing, storytelling and world-building is all top notch and definitely worth the read. I highly recommend checking this one out!

17. Anita by @Gilles DeCruyenaere  (12 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: N/A)

One of the new stories this week in the Top 20 is Anita by Gilles DeCruyenaere. Anita follows a recently widowed photographer by the name of Mitch Cranston who discovered a mysterious robot while out on a photo shoot in an abandoned factory. The most intriguing part of this story to me is the fact that machines, robots and technology in general is given a boost by human brain tissue and in some cases entire human brains. In most cases those human brains are given the tasks that actual humans would deem too dangerous or unpleasant. Mitch finds one of these robots and immediately sets out for answers to the questions he has. The most important being: “Whose brain is in this robot?”

What follows is an interesting story that isn’t just about human brains powering robots and technology, but instead about numerous morality issues, the choices and decisions that factor into what is right or wrong and the freedom to choose for yourself. Ultimately, this story by Mr. DeCruyenaere forces us to ask ourselves a lot of the above questions and is shaping up to be a great read. I highly recommend checking out his book page as there are diagrams showing how the brain-powered tech works as well as a prologue, chapter and excerpt for us to read!  

16. Far Flung by @TCC Edwards  (13 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: 8th)

I already mentioned a lot of interesting things about this story last time, but now there is an awesome introduction video up where Mr. Edwards reveals to us where his inspirations came from and he also breaks down the story, what it’s about and who he is! Definitely worth watching the video and getting introduced to this wonderful story and world he’s trying to build. I also suggest heading over to the discussion page on his book page as Mr. Edwards has been one of the most consist entries with updates and he has a trailer in the works that’s coming to his page soon. Keep an eye out for that and check out the chapter he has up on his page already!

15. Multiverse Theory 2: Spring Break Boogaloo by @Nick Scott and Noa Gavin  (17 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: N/A)

Another new entry this week, Multiverse Theory 2: Spring Break Boogaloo by Nick Scott and Noa Gavin has my favorite title out of all the stories entered so far. I was scrolling through the list prepping this edition of The Story So Far and saw this new title and immediately needed to know more! This story is technically the follow-up to Practical Applications for Multiverse Theory but you do not need to read the first book in order to absolutely enjoy this one. I say absolutely enjoy because this story seems like it’s going to be one of the most fun entries in the contest. Just from reading the sample chapter, there will be a ton of funny references and interesting dialogue. There will also be a screaming banana and a potential octopus overlord villain - which, if that doesn’t entice you to check this story out then I don’t know what will! Head on over, give their sample chapter a read and join in on the discussion section! Last but certainly not least, they are also taking some of the money from the preorders and donating it to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention!

14. Evolved by Luis Rosado (19 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: N/A)

A lot of new faces this week, here’s another: Evolved by Luis Rosado! A very mysterious prologue that sets the tone for what we can expect is all that has been provided so far for this story but judging by the discussion section and the handful of reviews on Mr. Rosado’s book page - a lot of people are excited to see more of this story. I don’t have a lot to say about this one this week, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on it as more is added. In the meantime, head over and check out that prologue!

13. Seven Days, Seven Years by @Mike Noyes  (23 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: 6th)

Despite jumping up a few readers, Seven Days, Seven Years by Mike Noyes has fallen to 13th. There hasn’t been much in terms of updating for this story this week, but I still recommend going over to his book page and giving his sample chapter a read. It seems like it’s going to be really interesting!


12. The Force Inherent by @Alistair James  (24 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: 11)

Mr. James is running a great campaign and hopefully that translates into even more readers soon. If you haven’t seen his discussion section yet you should head on over to his book page and check that out right away. He’s posted some really cool artwork including some posters that would be found in the universe of his book that tell some of the back story leading to the events of his book. I highly recommend checking those out as they are really well done! While you’re there don’t forget to check out the sample chapters he’s provided so far!

11. Dismissal by @Zach Phillips  (34 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: N/A)

Dismissal by Zach Phillips is another new edition to the Top 20 this week and it’s already making a big impact. With 34 readers and and 43 followers, Mr. Phillips is climbing up the ranks quickly. This story takes place in the future, where the government sets up a plan that causes them to actively fire employees for 3 month periods and during those 3 months the workers that were fired can’t make any income. There are security officers that enforce this rule and the main focus of the story, Jake Cross, is one of those security officers. Jake Cross is eventually put into a position where he must choose between his job and going against the very ideals he’s supposed to protect. There are 4 chapters up for our viewing and I highly recommend checking them out. The writing is top notch and flows really well!

10. Curio Citizen by @Katherine Forrister  (38 Readers / Last T.S.S.F. Rank: N/A)

Yet another new entry to the Top 20, Katherine Forrister has entered with a bang as she’s already in the Top 10 with 38 readers. Ms. Forrister is a writer who loves Fantasy and Sci-Fi. She also makes woodburning art (so cool!) for her own shop, “Dark Corner Pyrography.” Her entry is Curio Citizen, which follows the story of Carmen O’Dwyer who is scooped up from her home on Earth by aliens and brought to the planet Paz. On Paz she’s caged and put on display like a feral animal. In an effort to show the locals she’s not an animal, she friends one of the local aliens in hopes of escaping. There are currently 3 chapters and two excerpts for us to check out and her discussion section has been awesome so far. Definitely check out her book page as soon as you can!

9. 1000 Faces by @J. Graham-Jones  (39 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: 5th)

1000 Faces by J. Graham-Jones has fallen out of the Top 5 but not by much. Ms. Jones continues to run one of the most interesting campaigns with one of the best discussion sections. The little gifs she keeps posting of different faces changing are both haunting and interesting. I highly recommend heading over to her page and checking out this story and her discussion section. If you haven’t read the excerpts she put up yet, you need to. This is easily one of the most intriguing(and somewhat spooky!) stories in this contest and it’s backed up 100(1000?) fold by the excerpts. Go read them!  


8. After Death by @Daniel Lee  (39 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: N/A)

After Death by Daniel Lee has one of the coolest concepts in the contest. Cara Lindley is basically the typhoid mary of a plague that wipes out most of humanity. Once in the afterlife, she wants to find a cure for the disease that she unintentionally spread. Through reincarnation and multiple story tellings, this story is set to take us on an amazing journey as Cara searches for a cure. The first sample chapter posted on the book page really sets the tone for what we can expect from this story and it all seems very intense as well as well-constructed.

Mr. Lee’s credentials are just as impressive as his writing. If you check out you’ll see that he has a ton of experience in the entertainment industry as both an editor and a writer. He has helped edit major movie trailers and helped write, edit and direct the feature film Journeyman. His sudden entry and rise in the ranks is well-warranted and look for him to keep climbing as the weeks go by! 

7. Linked by @Philip Umbrino (40 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: N/A)

Another new book this week, Linked by Philip Umbrino has plowed through the ranks early on here. 40 readers strong, Linked tells the story of a young girl named Erica who tries to help a man whose consciousness was uploaded to an artificial body find his human form. Reading the two chapters Mr. Umbrino provided, humanity is the overall theme here as well as exactly what it means to be alive. I loved what I read so far and I’m hoping he posts some more chapters for us to check out before the end of the contest. Plus, Mr. Umbrino is from NY so I gotta cheer for him by default!

6. Mutants: Uprising by @Jane-Holly Meissner  (42 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: 3rd)

Mutants: Uprising has fallen out of the Top 3, but don’t think Ms. Meissner isn’t trying, she jumped up 20 readers from last edition and at that pace will find herself back in the Top 3 in no time. On top of that she has uploaded a really awesome book trailer that you should definitely head over and check out as soon as possible. It’s really well made and acts as a great introduction to this story she’s created for us. With 93 followers, a simple sway in her direction could turn the tides of this entire competition. If you’re still on the fence and haven’t watched the aforementioned book trailer, it may be the sway you were waiting for. Either way, this is a fantastic story that I look forward to seeing on bookshelves one day!

5. The Experiment Himself by @Takim Williams  (44 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: 2nd)

The Experiment Himself has suffered the same fate as Mutant: Uprising and has slipped out of the Top 3. This story also has jumped quite a bit of readers from the last edition so it’s highly possible for it to squeeze back into the Top 3 before the contest ends. I still think this is one of the most unique stories in the contest and I hope we can get more updates in the discussion section from Mr. Williams to see more into the creative mind that came up with this concept. Definitely head on over to his page and especially check out the positive reviews he’s received so far!

4. Artificial Generation by @Anniken Haga  (44 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: 7th)

One of the most impressive campaigns from the start of this contest has become Artificial Generation by Anniken Haga. Last edition this story was in 7th place with only 10 readers, now it sits just shy of the Top 3 with 44 readers. An extremely impressive 34 reader jump. Ms. Haga is running a solid campaign and already running the story through beta-readers for feedback, so the manuscript will most likely be polished well before the end of this contest. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story grows, especially if it lands in the Top 3 and scores a deal with Nerdist. You can help make that happen by heading over to her book page, checking out the sample chapters provided and clicking on that pre-order button if you like what you see. Definitely check it out!

3. Proteus by @Evan Graham  (50 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: N/A)

I knew Evan Graham was well on his way into this contest(He technically warned me in the last edition lol) and I had no doubts that he would make an impact right out the gate. Sure enough, here we are and here he is sitting in the Top 3 with a whopping 50 readers already! Mr. Graham is best known for his last campaign for his book Tantalus Depths. I immediately wondered if there was any connection and there is! Proteus is set in the same universe, though it doesn’t act as a prequel or sequel. Instead, it falls in a different time and place as the series follows more of an anthology-like setting. I can not recommend this series enough and the 50 readers that got it into the Top 3 are proof that it’s a good recommendation! There is currently an excerpt up on his read page and a ton of updates in the discussion section. If you’re planning to enter a contest on Inkshares in the future, this would be a good place to learn how campaigning is done. Check it out!

2. Crow’s Gambit by @Patrick Tebbe  (59 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: 4th)

Jumping from 4th to 2nd place this edition is Crow’s Gambit by Patrick Tebbe. Another impressive jump in readership as Crow’s Gambit has jumped 41 readers since my last edition! Probably helping that cause is the brand spankin’ new book trailer on the book page! On top of that, Mr. Tebbe has added new content on every tab on the book page as well! His story is very interesting, as is his discussion section. This is turning out to be one heck of a contest as well with majority of the Top 10 only separated by a few readers. If you’ve been on the fence on who to support, now would be a good time to decide. If you’re waiting for someone to help you decide, Mr. Tebbe is on a great run and his book page is probably the best place to start. Check out Crow’s Gambit as soon as you can!

1. Mission 51 by @Ferd Crôtte 

(100 Readers / Last T.S.S.F.’s Rank: 1st)

Coming in 1st place yet again this week is Mission 51 by Ferd Crotte! This story has become the one to beat, or maybe even a runaway at this stage of the contest. Not a lot of time remains and Mr. Crotte’s 100 readers is 41 ahead of 2nd place. Right now it may be safe to say that the other contestants are fighting for 2nd and 3rd. Whether or not that’s the case, no one is telling that to Mr. Crotte who continues to deliver the goods on his campaigning! A new book trailer is up on his book page, a giveaway contest for those who preorder his book and a ton of updates in his discussion section are just the tip of the iceberg for some of the things Mr. Crotte is doing during his campaign. As if that wasn’t good enough, he’s also been picked up by the Rite of Passage Syndicate! There is a reason why Mission 51 is currently #1(I like to think it’s all the cool drawings scattered throughout the book page!) and if you haven’t checked out his campaign yet, now would be a great time to do so before you miss out on helping this book stay at #1!


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