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Hi everyone!  I’ve been lurking around for ages because my project was originally intended for a contest.  Life being life, that didn’t exactly sort out at the time.  I have amazing news, though- the first draft is finished!  Finally! 

 Now to the purpose of the thread:  I have some beta readers working through the draft.  I have samples on my Inkshares page.  I have done oodles and oodles of research about social media marketing and pored over threads here on the forums, too.  I have some general ideas and am not in a rush to get to funding yet- I’m looking to start building a readership first.  

Things I have/am doing: reading and liking here on Inkshares, I have a blog but I hate the website it’s on so that might be moving soon, I have a Facebook page, and nominally a Twitter.

Things that are important to know for advice:  I am the primary caregiver and stay at home mom to a five-year-old boy with autism.   My guaranteed work hours are his six hours of school four days a week (three on Tuesdays), maybe a bit during his six hours of therapy a week), and after he’s asleep.  That schedule can fluctuate dramatically based on illness, school vacation, and the dozens of other appointments.  

I am so happy to finally have a draft completed to revise and offer for the feedback!  Tips and good luck wishes are much appreciated because I know my job isn’t nearly done yet.