Marketing for Quill Authors

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Landon2 Landon Crutcher · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 1 like
Thanks Matt! It’s something to shoot for!
Screen shot 2016 01 25 at 4.55.41 pm Matt Kaye · Reader · edited about 2 years ago · 8 likes
The short answer is yes, we reserve the right to move any Quill title into Inkshares, which would include all the features of the Inkshares publication process. We haven’t created rigid rules around when we would do this, but it would likely happen when a Quill title has shown enough positive sales momentum to indicate broad reader demand.
Landon2 Landon Crutcher · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 6 likes
Hello Inkshares Level Boss Jeremy (and pals)

I think we’ve all read and understand that when you decide to become published under the Quill imprint you decide to pretty much go it alone with your marketing and that’s certainly fair. Here’s a scenario that we’re all not so secretly dreaming of; if a Quill title proves to be marketable, starts getting good traction and moves enough units is there a point at which you would extend marketing (and other media expansion) services to that title?

In short, can a title work it’s way out of the Quill house and into the Inkshares proper thereby earning all those benefits?