Looking for young women/teens to help make book promo video

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9lfyrpph Lena (Helena and Malena) · Author · added almost 3 years ago
Elayna, that would be fantastic! Thanks again, for your help and for asking your niece!
13124629 10205970513729845 8936253962706374023 n 1 El · Reader · added almost 3 years ago
Awesome. :D I could def get it to you this week. I’m also going to see if I can get my 16 year old niece to do one. She’s a total book nerd and I’m sure would love this. Can’t make promises for hers since I’ll have to see if she can record one, but I’ll certainly try!
9lfyrpph Lena (Helena and Malena) · Author · added almost 3 years ago
Elayna, thank you for your willingness to generously share your shitty experiences! Much obliged. We could use it as soon as you could do it--within the week if poss? It can be very short! We only need a line or two. THANKS!

13124629 10205970513729845 8936253962706374023 n 1 El · Reader · edited almost 3 years ago · 2 likes
I’ve had some girls be pretty shitty towards me growing up. I also would just love to help cause I think this book looks great! When did you need it by, ladies? :) @Lena (Helena and Malena) 
Close up A.C. Weston · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 1 like
Hahaha, I might be like a year younger than you, Amanda!

I haven’t experienced any meanness from girls that I think is specific to their gender, and all of my meanness comes from the fact that I am secretly a fire-breathing dragon, not a girl, so I don’t think I have much to contribute.

Good luck on the project, though!
Picture Amanda Orneck · Author · added almost 3 years ago
I haven’t been a young lady for a while now, but you should totally hit up @A.C. Weston or @Elayna Mae Darcy 
9lfyrpph Lena (Helena and Malena) · Author · added almost 3 years ago
Thank you Kacie! You know how your phone has photo or video, and when you use video you can make a 1 minute (or whatever) recording or someone else or yourself? That’s all you’d need to do--either in selfie mode or by having someone else hold it and film you while you speak a sentence or two in response to the questions. THANK YOU! Even for your willingness to consider it and play around. Much appreciated ahead of time!
38631140 2045541655507956 8838829299717898240 o Jeyna Grace · Author · added almost 3 years ago
I can’t answer those questions because no one has ever been mean to me, or at least, I can’t remember any specific event. And... I’ve not been mean to anyone - I was pretty low key in school, and I’m still low key now in the work place. Haha! But I’ll keep a look out on my end, should there be anyone I think would be able to answer those questions :)
Image Kacie Davis Idol · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 2 likes
I’m definitely in! I’m not sure how this works lol but sounds fun!
9lfyrpph Lena (Helena and Malena) · Author · added almost 3 years ago
Kelsey Rae, 28 is terrific. I think on the Inkshares request site, I said "11 to 29," but was mostly (kinda) joking. We asked Avalon if she’d do one too. If you were willing, it would be beyond awesome. Any favor we can do in return, all you have to do is ask.
Picture Kelsey Rae Barthel · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 1 like
When you say young, how young we talking? I’m 28

Img 6410 Avalon Marissa Radys · Inksharesian · edited almost 3 years ago · 2 likes
@Jeyna Grace @Janna Grace @Kacie Davis Idol @A.C. Weston @Amanda Orneck @RH Webster @Kelsey Rae Barthel @Tabi Card and any other lovely ladies interested in participating in this fun promo video that @Lena (Helena and Malena) are putting together? If you can tag anyone you think might be interested, please do!
9lfyrpph Lena (Helena and Malena) · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 2 likes

Hello Inkshares community! I sent a message to our followers, and was advised by the IS folk that these forum threads are also a great way to reach out. And I didn’t even know about the forum threads! Excited to be finding a new part of this great site.

So we wrote a novel (Sparked) that is finished, and now we’re getting ready to launch our funding campaign in September. Before we do that, we want to make a book video to promote the novel. Do you know a teenaged girl (a daughter? a niece or neighbor?) who might be in the range of, oh, let’s say ages 11-29? We define adolescence loosely, not convinced that we’ve fully outgrown it yet ourselves...

Sparked is a novel about what happens when mean girls get superpowers and have to save the world. For our launch video, we need quotes from a couple of teenage girls. We’d be super-grateful to anyone who is willing to participate. It’s quite simple. All you need is an iphone or whathaveyou. Film yourself making a video selfie answering the following questions:

a) What’s the meanest thing any girl has ever done to you?

b) And/or: What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done to another girl?

Your answer doesn’t need to be more than a sentence of two (the entire video is going to be less than a minute). E.g. “One time my so-called friends got together and made a list of all my worst qualities and read it out to me so I could ‘work on myself.’ It was five pages long.” (True story!)

If you are willing to help out by filming yourself answering these questions, or if you know a teen who might find this exercise amusing, please send the video to helena.echlin@gmail.com ormalenawatrous@gmail.com. Of course, you will earn a place in the acknowledgments and our undying gratitude. We would also be happy to share a PDF of the whole novel with anyone who wants to read it now as a show of our gratitude. For any aspiring writers, we’d be more than happy to read a chapter of your stuff and/or offer general advice on careers in writing in exchange for participating in the video. Oh, and we have a writing advice column, so you can also send questions here:


Thank you so much in advance for your help! This is such an amazing community of writers supporting each other in all kinds of ways. It’s really exciting to see how we can build each other up and get our books out into the world.

Warmly, ’Lena (Helena and Malena)