Like surreal horror? check out "factory town."

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Hell ship cover Ben Hammott · Author · added 2 days ago
Checking it out now, Josh
Josh Josh M. Parker · Author · edited 2 days ago · 4 likes
And now it’s a contestant in the 2018 horror contest! If you’ve not read it before, especially if you’re just hearing about it now, head over to the contest page and check it out!
Josh Josh M. Parker · Author · edited 16 days ago · 7 likes
My new novel, factory town. (spelled just like that, including the period) is in dire need of followers! It’s a surreal horror story with a shorthand description of Twin Peaks meets The Office (as stated on the page). If that sounds like a fun, if spooky, time, head on over and give the two sample chapters a read! If you like it, give it a follow and/or recommendation!