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1909219 502696633173711 1380711121 o Jesse West · Reader · added over 3 years ago
Thank you Richard. I really appreciate the guidance and tips. I never really thought about it that way. In my mind, it was always ’just give them the beginning’ but I see what you mean. And I told myself the prologue was too long but still posted it. I have a great chapter in mind that I think would work. Thanks again man.

Picture Rick Heinz · Author · edited over 3 years ago · 1 like
I checked it out. I would not use a prologue chapter as a hook / selling line on a campaign myself. Prologues are slow, wordy, often there to set the stage and the show. 

Talk about you, your book idea, your draft, maps, neat things in the world something. And for your "first chapter" You have exactly 3 minutes to capture my attention if I made it that far. Assume, since I’m an author, I’m giving you 2 more minutes than anyone else. 

Find a chapter with humor, something shocking, grotesque, violent, or invokes a sense of visceral wonder in any readers. 

It’s hard to offer feedback like this at times... but when you are in draft mode, it’s the perfect time before you get started.  Treat your inkshares page and your snapshot chapters of stuff you would actually turn into a press-kit later down the line. 

Particularly your landing page more than anything else. Right now, your prologue occupies all your good real estate for actually telling me what your book is about. I have to scroll down to your comments to find your actual text. 

If you want to see why that’s a bad idea: Go to my page. Scroll through ALLLLLLL my updates down to the first one at the far bottom. 

I did similar things to you at the start. Eventually, those comments where you tell people about the book. Get lost.
1909219 502696633173711 1380711121 o Jesse West · Reader · added over 3 years ago
Hi Richard. Thanks for commenting. I see you have a fantasy novel out. If you’d like to check the prologue chapter out on my profile. I’d love any feedback.
Picture Rick Heinz · Author · added over 3 years ago
Hello :). 
1909219 502696633173711 1380711121 o Jesse West · Reader · edited over 3 years ago · 1 like
Hello to anyone who will see this. I just signed up for Inkshares & I look forward to the possibilities it may bring me when it comes to my writing. I have uploaded my draft/first chapter and I’m basically just sitting around trying to mess with the site and see how everything works. I would to chat with other writers as well as readers. Feel free to hit me up, check out my draft, or leave a comment here. I’m open to it all. Thanks guys.