How many ideas is too many?

Created about 3 years ago by Jesse West with 3 comments
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Cam00323 Matthew Gladwin · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 1 like
There’s nothing wrong with the ideas, but the more you create, the more you need to prioritize. If the list gets too long, it can spiral out of control as you keep adding without working on each one. Unless its all part of a massive medley that all interconnects, it can get really frustrating thinking you’re "not where you should be at this point". And who needs the added pressure or stress when you’re running that many ideas at once?
Qolfmtlp Andrew Sweetapple · Author · edited almost 3 years ago · 2 likes
I wouldn’t go more than five ideas at once. You want your profile to be a bit focused instead of spread out. Let’s say one of your ideas suddenly gets a big number of followers and you have twenty ideas, the other nineteen are going to suffer from the success of the one. Keep it focused on a few, keep the rest of the ideas on the back burner.
1909219 502696633173711 1380711121 o Jesse West · Reader · edited about 3 years ago

I keep a journal, which has become part of my everyday life, and in the journal I write various things I like to keep in one place. Most of it relates to my writing. I’ve posted 4 drafts of stories I’ve begun writing and 2 ideas that I haven’t started yet. That gives my profile 6 WIP’s alone and none of them are close to going into pre-order phase.

I like having them there so people can see how my mind ranges and see that I’m not stuck to one genre. Not to mention there’s still tons in my journal I’d love to share. But would it look too overcrowded?