How do you join a collection outside of a contest?

Created over 3 years ago by Rick Heinz with 2 comments
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162980 10150347252315626 6077063 n Joseph Terzieva · Author · edited over 3 years ago · 2 likes
Books that did not win contests can be added to collections at the owner's discretion. I don't remember who (@Jeremy Thomas ?) said that Inkshares sends an email to collection owners periodically with books they might consider for their collections.

@Jim McDoniel 's book has added to the Sword & Laser collection after the contest. If Jim stops in maybe he can give some insight on what the process was like.

If you check each collection there is a pitch option. So you can send any of your books to a collection for consideration at any time. Thought, each collection owner might have their own rules for what they are taking or when they are willing to receive it.
Picture Rick Heinz · Author · edited over 3 years ago
I'm just curious, contests seem to be the prime way to get the attention of collection curators. Yet they are all for books that are fresh drafts or new books that are crowd sourced from scratch. 

Will there ever be a contest for authors who managed to make it into quill or funded outside of a contest to submit their books for selection? 

In the last Nerdist contest, there were some nice Space Opera books. So this is a perfect time to ask this question. Do they need to toss up a sequel and run the gauntlet again?