Hiding Books

Created 7 months ago by Rose Jermusyk with 3 comments
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 xwlqivz Rose Jermusyk · Author · added 6 months ago
@Elena Stofle Thank you! Just sent an email with the full details.
Elena 1024 720 1 Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · edited 6 months ago · 2 likes
Hi @Rose Jermusyk I can take care of that for you! Just let me know which project(s) you would like to hide. you can also email hello(at)inkshares.com for this. 
 xwlqivz Rose Jermusyk · Author · edited 7 months ago · 1 like
Hey there, it used to be that you could hide books which was nice for when you had more than one book up but didn’t want to confuse potential readers. Any reason why that functionality was taken away?