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Img 0366 Thad Woodman · Inksharesian · added over 3 years ago
Love these ideas. Yes, once the forum is fully functional, I think there are lot of ways it can integrate with other parts of the app.

In the short-term, we'll have forum updates trickle in through Buzzing section and user feeds.

In the longer-term, I'd love to have project-specific forum threads accessible through project pages, and have the ability to start a conversation users through their profile via a forum.

And YES for the bookshelf. This is something we've needed for a while and will probably emerge independently of the forum but can definitely integrate.

Let's circle back on these touch points once we get a better idea of structure of the forum: threads, topics, relation and how they relate to projects and other objects on Inkshares.
John robin   author bio photo 1   scarf John Robin · Author · added over 3 years ago
I'm wondering what connection points on Inkshares this forum might have beyond the link on the main menu. Some thoughts:

-a link on each book's project page, i.e. "Discuss this book in our forum", or on the chapter excerpt page where you have options to leave a review
-on an Inkshares user's profile, i.e. "Ask this user a question in our discussion forum" (If we differentiate readers from authors, we can be more specific. For author: "Ask this author ..." vs "Invite this reader to a discussion"
-I really like the idea of a bookshelf feature, perhaps even here in the forum. This way users in the forum can see a bookkshelf view of Inkshares project and might be more likely to start discussion on a particular book or to link to it