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Picture Alyson Forster · Author · added 11 months ago
Hello everyone!

I have been lurking on Inkshares for a bit, but I’m slowly breaking my silence and tip-toeing my way into the community. My current campaign hasn’t been doing well (totally expected that going in since I’m not the best social media person), so I am working on reinvigorating it and relaunching it. 

Our Days of Sin is the tale of an angel and demon having to work together in a second life for redemption. 

I was wondering if anyone had advice for getting feedback, reviews, critiques, and the like for projects? I am getting comfortable with others reading my work (a HUGE deal for me, and others I’m sure), so now I need to actually get feedback. 

How does one usually go about it?
Do online book clubs work?
Reviewer blogs?
Free cookies?

Thank you very much!