Far Flung - Discover another galaxy and get a shout out for your work!

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Far Flung is a sci-fi adventure for fans of both old-school and recent science fiction. It follows the adventures of colonists on a ship far from Earth. I think this guest post with Apotheosis Studios says it best - it’s all about finding a new home and negotiating with strange beings and unknown cultures along the way.

I’ve already had a lot of positive words about this story. I’m working with a focus on characters and world-building to bring this story to life, and I already have several great recommendations for the preview chapters.

I have a running promo for authors and creators who support! Since I can’t exchange pre-orders with everyone, this is what I offer instead - a quick shout out on my blog and Twitter, and an addition to an ever-growing Thank You list that will go in the final book.

The pre-orders are coming in - I hope yours will be among them!