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Imgp6683 Susan K. Hamilton · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
Thanks, @Jane-Holly Meissner. I’m glad you like it, and I appreciate the feedback! And yes, it is a modern criminal underworld and in Boston, the Fae (and other faeries) run it.
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
I think it’s a great trailer! Your book is about a modern criminal underworld, with Fae and I assume other urban fantasy creatures, and that is definitely conveyed through the trailer.
Imgp6683 Susan K. Hamilton · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
So, I’d love to have the Inkshares community weigh in here. I didn’t have the capacity to do a trailer for Shadow King while last year’s Launchpad competition was going on. I have just completed one now, and am generally very happy with how it came out, but one thing is nagging at me.

Shadow King is about an alternate modern-day Boston where humans and faeries live and work together. My male lead is Fae and is the crime boss in Boston’s criminal underworld, and as the story evolves readers see how the Unseelie Court comes to exist.

But in doing my trailer, I found that all of the images I have access too that represent the faerie world or fantasy are supremely unsuited to represent my story. They are all too bright and happy, or they are people dressed to be elves or faeries (which would be fine but they all seem to be wearing bright colors or diaphanous gowns or are in the woods... totally not suited for my darker, urban setting).

So, because of that I think the trailer has more of a crime drama feel to it than an urban/dark fantasy, but I really have no way to fix it.

Do I use it or not, that is the question? Does it represent my story accurately enough to be used? Or, as a reader, would you consider it a bit misleading about what the story was really about?

If anyone would like to take a peek, you can see it on YouTube: 

Would love your thoughts/feedback...!