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303706 10150954327860478 2105082505 n Paul Plante · Author · added 10 months ago
I’m currently having the same problem, strangely enough the same image from one book will work as uploaded (so two different books with the same cover as a test), and yet the newer cover won’t show. Both different images share the same dimensions and file size, so, it’s odd to not have one show up.

At first I thought there was a reason stopping me from having two books with covers. Though I found that wasn’t the case. Then I thought I’d use the working cover as a template, and put the image of the other on top. Which didn’t work either.

I’ve worked at it for hours, uploaded once every hour for a bit, let something load first before submitting to see if maybe it was an invisible loading bar. Nothing on the site tells me if anything goes wrong, it simple says "____ updated!" and the cover is blank.

Since this is a problem experienced by multiple people for a period of time, maybe there’s a bug in the coding that makes uploading covers tedious and dependent on factors unknown to the user.

I’ll keep at it till it shows, oh well
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited 12 months ago · 1 like
I was going to say, usually it takes a minute or two for a new cover to appear. :) Glad it’s sorted!
Mike 1 edited John Michaels · Reader · edited 12 months ago

Hi there.  Thanks for the great platform to get started as a new writer. I am experiencing some technical issues with my cover art. I uploaded an image with title included before I realized that I had to resize it. I then uploaded another in a 400:600 pixel format and now have no cover whatsoever.  Can someone a bit smarter than me with technology help me out?

I’m going to attempt to upload a slightly modified image in the proper aspect ratio, but if this doesn’t fix the issue, my technical inexperience will be exhausted.

Thanks for the help!

John Michaels

*Idiot edit* -- It seems that the only thing lacking here was patience. By the time I’d finished whining like a spoiled child, the issue settled itself. Thanks for having a system that’s smarter than me.