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Created 14 days ago by John Michaels with 2 comments
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Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited 14 days ago · 1 like
I was going to say, usually it takes a minute or two for a new cover to appear. :) Glad it’s sorted!
Mike 1 edited John Michaels · Reader · edited 14 days ago

Hi there.  Thanks for the great platform to get started as a new writer. I am experiencing some technical issues with my cover art. I uploaded an image with title included before I realized that I had to resize it. I then uploaded another in a 400:600 pixel format and now have no cover whatsoever.  Can someone a bit smarter than me with technology help me out?

I’m going to attempt to upload a slightly modified image in the proper aspect ratio, but if this doesn’t fix the issue, my technical inexperience will be exhausted.

Thanks for the help!

John Michaels

*Idiot edit* -- It seems that the only thing lacking here was patience. By the time I’d finished whining like a spoiled child, the issue settled itself. Thanks for having a system that’s smarter than me.