Big News, the publisher came through

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Some of you may know that I had some problems with one of the top publishers in the world, as they spent zero, yes, absolutely zero, zip, bugger all, on the launch of my sequel. The sequel was following on from a book that sold at least 100,000 copies between ebook and paperback, in its first year.

Anyway, I got an extra lump sum payment as it turns out they missed a royalty payment for the foreign (french) sales. They are also doing a month long promotion for the whole of May for my two books. This is a real breakthrough. I suspect they might feel a little guilty about the missed payment, not answering my emails - which they put down to a change of management - and zero spent on promotion of a new book.

Will see what happens.

Oh, they still won’t even look at my new work ’The bully book’ and told me I need an agent (despite two books published under their umbrella) but it’s all about baby steps... little steps in the right direction.