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Great information, thank you Avalon!
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As many of you know, we are currently entering Quill books into production with more vigor than we’ve been able to in the past several months. We look forward to working with each of you! In the meantime, I want to ensure that you have access to helpful resources for creating a successful book, starting with cover design.

Although cover design isn’t offered through the Quill imprint, we’ve negotiated a pretty fantastic (and very affordable per industry standards) cover design package for Quill authors with our friends at CoverKitchen. CoverKitchen is a small team of incredible designers who are as flexible and energetic as they are creative and talented. Of note, they have designed the Sunshine is Forever, The Haida Gwaii Lessonand the Life Happens covers, and we are soon to release their newest work on Inkshares with the Everything is Normal cover. They’ve also created some wonderful science fiction, fantasy, and action/adventure covers you can find in their online portfolio.

Below you can find a break-down of the comprehensive service package for Quill authors for a total of $600, including full cover design, and creation of design elements for marketing and social media purposes. 

If you’re interested in getting in touch with them to discuss a potential collaboration I’m happy to assist! You should also feel free to reach out directly to them at Be sure to let them know you are a Quill author!

Happy Friday!

CoverKitchen Book Cover Design Package: Paperback/Hardcover + eBook


– Entire spread design of the print version (cover, spine and back cover), all images and original illustrations, text correction rounds, barcode placement, spine width adjustment and delivery of ready-to-print Adobe Indesign final artwork based on the specs provided by the printer as well as ready-to-print PDF.

– Low and high-resolution JPGs of the cover.

– eBook cover master file based on the specs of the distribution platform and reading device.

– 3D mockup of your book in PNG format (transparent background) for promotional purposes leading up to book release.

– Separate elements from the cover and back cover in JPG and PNG formats, optimized for use on banners across your social media platforms, website and other marketing materials.


– Briefing: CoverKitchen provides a creative brief template for you to fill in with their assistance. A comprehensive and efficient brief ensures that the creative process leads to a successful cover. This is helpful not only for the designer to better understand your book, particularly its tone of voice and mood, but also for you to sort out and prioritize the concepts and elements that will shape the cover of your book.

– Besides stock imagery, CoverKitchen often uses in-house illustration, which allows creative leeway and solid conceptualization. The use of original illustrations provides more value and uniqueness to the covers.

– Proposals and timing: CoverKitchen usually submits 3 or 4 different concepts within a week of receiving the creative brief. During this first round, it is advisable to narrow down the choices to one or two. Afterwards, they allow up to 3 revisions of the chosen cover. However, their designers are reasonable and flexible; a small tweak does not count as a new iteration.


– Total cost for this package is $600 USD. CoverKitchen waives retainer requirements for Quill authors! Based on their experience, the completion of a cover final artwork, including the back cover text, spine adjustment and barcode, might take a considerable amount of time, sometimes months, depending on the publisher and the stage of your interior book design. Hence, a full payment following the approval of the cover spread design is always preferable.

– CoverKitchen accepts PayPal payments and wire transfers. An excellent way to make international transfers while avoiding hefty bank fees is by using or Both provide an easy and reliable way to send money online.