Art Submissions Welcome!

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Me Matthew Poat · Author · added over 2 years ago
I meant no disrespect.
Close up A.C. Weston · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 1 like

Artists are skilled and deserve respect. We do not get "possible rewards for free work". Our time is valuable and deserves payment like any other job where a skilled person provides something to you that you want.

Art is incredibly valuable for an author in your position, and you are confused about the position you’re in. You benefit far, far more from the art than any artist would benefit by sacrificing their free time for a story that is completely foreign to them right now. (If you had fans right now, who loved your book and sent you fan art to show their enthusiasm, you would be in a very different position. I suspect you don’t.)

This is no different than if someone said, "Come landscape my yard. If I like it, I might give you a reward." Nope, that’s work that deserves to be paid outright. Since many of us can’t afford that, we often barter work so that everyone involved is respected. I suggest you revise your perspective so that you don’t insult the people you’re asking for help.
Me Matthew Poat · Author · added over 2 years ago
Financial rewards can certainly be offered. Make submissions and we shall see where we get to.
Close up A.C. Weston · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 1 like
It would be good to offer something in return for an artist’s time and work, unless you’re intending to pay for the art. If that’s the case, great! Otherwise, trades of skill, effort, promotion, etc are always good. They help build community!
Trooper's Kendra Namednil · Author · added over 2 years ago
Ditto!  I am looking for something that captures that quiet desperation and sense of isolation, and I would be super interested in anyone with more artistic talent than I (not a tall order) taking a glance at what I’ve got up and maybe doodling something cover-worthy.

My brother is good at photo manipulation and color correction, so it doesn’t have to be perfect, but neither of us is comfortable enough drawing!  Anyhoo, whether y’do or y’don’t, I respect artistic folks.  Y’all make the world a brighter place!

Anyhoo, best of luck to everyone, and I wish y’all many, many sales!
Me Matthew Poat · Author · edited over 2 years ago · 1 like
Hey Guys,

My debut novel "Cupid by Proxy" is currently in the pre-order stage and I was wondering whether any budding artists out there might be interested in having a read of my first two (three by Friday) chapters and putting pen to paper to come up with some scene drawings?

I would love to do it myself but my artistic ability is null. I can draw the creature who commonly appeared on POG’s (who remembers those?) but that’s about it.

My aim is to see how people visualize the scenes I am writing about and using these to help drive my description tweaks. I can see these things in my head, but I’m not sure I am providing enough detail to allow people to visualize it in theirs.

Hope to hear back from some of you.