Allowing more than one genre per book

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Img 0366 Thad Woodman · Inksharesian · edited almost 2 years ago · 5 likes
Hi Everyone,

I appreciate the input here and agree that there is an upside to allowing multiple genres. The downside is that it can ’dilute’ the accuracy of search results and matching generally. 

One workaround which is currently functional is to include the names of any other similar genres in the long description under the About section of your story page. Our search algorithm parses this text and so if you make references to multiple genres in the description it should show up in search results.
Imgp6683 Susan K. Hamilton · Author · added almost 2 years ago
I’m a little late to the party on this one, but agree with everything here. It would be great to have more genre options but also agree that having some sort of  limit (I would suggest no more than 5 rather than the 2 - 3).
Lb1kpikm Kebra McKenzie · Reader · added almost 2 years ago
The genre thing is frustrating. I was looking at other genres, too for my work.

Bio pic 2 Ryan Cook · Author · added about 2 years ago
I’ve found it very hard to settle on what genre A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians falls into the most. Is it more YA or more adult? Is it more fantasy or more paranormal? 

Maybe give authors three genres to choose and let the readers/reviewers vote on which one genre they think the story falls into. It would really help me to see what my audience thinks so I can seek out a larger audience in that genre.
Autumn leaves owl K.L. Noone · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 2 likes
Yes to this! My current project is definitely fantasy, in terms of setting, theme, and plot; but it also counts as LGBTQA, and to not be able to tag it with both - that limits potential readership, I think, and also potentially obscures important information! And Inkshares is meant to be a platform for works that stretch boundaries and traditional definitions; why not encourage that in the tags? I like the idea of having 2-3 genre tags, so as not to be overwhelming: select up to three, perhaps? so that if you only want to pick one, you can, but you can also choose a couple more?
Img 20160806 023915 Luke Fellner · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 3 likes
This is a great idea and something I too have wondered about. But it could become an issue where people just add as many tags as possible if it’s not limited. So I think it’s very important to consider the limit of two or three that was mentioned.
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · added about 2 years ago
Yes, tags, exactly. And "Urban Fantasy" isn’t even represented in the available genres, and that’s kind of a big deal. Being able to tag your book as a YA Space Opera Comedy really helps let people know what your book is about just from the very top of your project page.
Cxh300 Christopher Huang · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 4 likes
It might be useful to think of genres as tags instead of boxes.
Userphoto7 original Juan Sesa · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 4 likes
I´m also an advocate of multiple genre posting. My own work can´t really be classified with one word, given it´s nature as a mix between alternate historical fiction with a twinge of dark fantasy thrown in between. Inkshares is a wonderful platform for all sorts of playful compositions, so here´s hoping we get some more tools to help refine our craft! Keep up the good work, Inkshares team!
18278952 10105531439962004 7699412381249820269 o Evan Graham · Author · edited 5 months ago · 6 likes
Thank you, @Elena Stofle!I also think one of the things that really sets Inkshares apart from other publishers is the diversity of the stories we have here. Some of the books in this community are so unique, so original, that a lot of traditional publishers would overlook them in favor of clones of whatever book is currently the most popular on the market. A lot of Inkshares books are really groundbreaking in their own right, exploring ideas and themes you’re just not likely to find anywhere else. I think that’s something the entire Inkshares community should be really proud of, and eager to show off to the world. :)

Screen shot 2018 10 22 at 10.04.47 am Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · edited about 2 years ago · 3 likes
@Evan Graham I quite agree and I hope that one day we can have multiple genres listed. Don’t put me in a box! lol 
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 1 like
Thank you @Elena Stofle :)
18278952 10105531439962004 7699412381249820269 o Evan Graham · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 5 likes
I’ll definitely second this. Especially considering that some of the genres we have available are actually subgenres. Tantalus Depths is listed under Hard Sci-Fi, for example, but I don’t think it would currently show up if you were just searching under "sci-fi." The same would go for the Space Opera subgenre, or for the Fairy Tale subgenre of the Fantasy genre.
Not to mention that fantasy, sci-fi, realistic fiction, historical fiction, biography, etc. could all, depending on the nature of the story, also fit under the genre of humor, adventure, thriller, etc.
Almost every book on this site could potentially be considered two or more different genres.

Screen shot 2018 10 22 at 10.04.47 am Elena Stofle · Inksharesian · edited about 2 years ago · 6 likes
Hi @Jane-Holly Meissner Thank you for this idea, I will add it to the queue of topics for us to look into. We appreciate your feedback! 
Img 2511 Jane-Holly Meissner · Author · edited about 2 years ago · 8 likes
I think it would be really helpful to be able to choose more than one genre for a book. Being able to pick three, or at LEAST two, would really help with describing one’s book and getting it in front of the readers who could be interested in it.

My book, Fae Child, is a YA Fantasy - but I can only pick one or the other at the moment, which halves my audience.