A Fun Writing Challenge

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Vvrmleq2 Whoa · Author · edited almost 3 years ago
Hello everyone!

Now that the nail-biting contest organised by @Nerdist is over with I thought it would be a nice idea to have a simple writing challenge. It would be open to any one with an inkshares account. 

The way it would work:

1. You are presented with three prompts words like "sponge", "banana" and "stag". 
2. You are given a word count range like "500-1500".
3. You are given a deadline like "14 days" or "Oct/21/2015"
4. There is a group of judges and/or a voting system. (I may be the only judge for the first one). 
5. The winner has there submission turned into a digital comic.
6. 2nd and 3rd place both get a piece of artwork like a digital poster made about their submissions. 

Any thoughts or ideas? If anyone is interested then follow this twitter account for updates. It’s more likely there will be a voting system to determine which submissions get seen and judged rather than which ones win. Just to avoid any cunning voting exploits from the more devious writers (you know who you are XD )