A fantasy adventure.

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Hi everyone! My name is Kirsty and I have recently added my book Soulblade to Inkshares funding to gather some pre-orders.

An elven princess must learn to control her gifts and stop a God’s destructive path to dominance in order to save Vanharlm.


The story follows Tari, an elven princess, born within her woodland home, and with the death of her mother years past, she has grown into the heir she was meant to be. With her sudden visions of a strange man, an equally strange spirit and events of a great battle long ago, that no records or accounts have ever been recorded, except for a book which is found in her father’s possession. But her life is thrown into chaos as sudden events unfold after her abduction. Kidnapped by a group of mercenaries, she learns the wealth and knowledge of human magic and that her fate is tied to an ancient creature, which until recently, she had only known in stories.

And when Tasbi, Tari’s closest friend, follows closely in her footsteps to find her, she is immediately plunged into a city that is rife with murder and betrayal. Histories, myths and legends start to reveal themselves and the fate of the mysterious Soulblade lies within the hands of an unsuspecting assassin.

With Tari’s powers growing, she is soon thrust into the unknown world of human magic and she must learn to control her powers fast in order to protect her friends and loved ones from a malicious God bent on destructive dominance.

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