*Both* of my Launch Pad Entries made the top 75!

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2017 11 10 18.40.38 1 TCC Edwards · Author · edited over 1 year ago · 1 like
It is with tremendous excitement that I announce that both of the manuscripts I’ve been working with on Inkshares are in the Top 75 of the Launch Pad Manuscript Contest.

That means that my sci-fi work Far Flung and my epic fantasy Bound in Shadows are both on the list of the 75 works remaining in the contest. I hope you all will click those links and follow the works - come and see the stories that the judges at the Launch Pad must have really appreciated!

Wow! This is awesome! Two entries in the Top 75!

Last year’s contest had over 1000 entries, so I’m assuming this year had at least that many. I feel really great right now, let me tell you.

Edit: Turns out I can indeed run both my stories in the Inkshares part of the contest if I so wish!