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Evelyn M. Lewis

Silly rabbit! Cynicism is for kids! A christian girl from WA state, college senior majoring in Illustration.
Evelyn is the author of
An alien invasion story, but with magic. A hacker fresh from the Academy is sent to track down a hell-portal belonging to a rogue prince.
Books Evelyn Recommends
Love this! Great local flavor, characters feel alive, and the opening scene reminds me a bit of Twin Peaks.
A Highland cop cursed with second sight confronts witchcraft and superstition as he hunts a killer whose crimes echo macabre Scottish myths.
Books Evelyn recently read
by Megan Whalen Turner
by Brandon Sanderson
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I read to put ideas in my head. I write to keep those ideas inside my head from eating me alive.
"When things go wrong... don’t go with them" ~Elvis Presley