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Elizabeth Rain

Working on the writer thing.
Elizabeth is the author of
Ivor has been wandering the Borealis for a cure to immortality. When his last attempt at the answer fails, he must make a dangerous return to Earth to learn magi magic. Should his secrets be found out, those around him can only meet an early grave.
Books Elizabeth Recommends
Welcome to Night Vale mixed with some good humor. Would love to see more!
A surreal horror story about an ancient faceless evil that enslaves souls, unleashes demonic forces and needs help figuring out why its emails aren’t being sent.
Looks to be the beginnings of a wonderful and mysterious fantasy.
A servant of Fate, Violet Sainteclaire tries to fix a version of London which was never meant to exist.
Books Elizabeth recently read
by Alanea Alder
by Renée Ahdieh
by Erin Morgenstern
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