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Ed Higgins

An avid reader working his way into being a writer.
Ed is the author of
From call center technician to humanities unknown hope, journey into a mind outside of time itself. Meet Fractal.
Crash landing on earth isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Its 1609 and everyone’s Hungry.
Once gods, now mortals due to an absence of a microbial. The gods want to be gods again.
In a world full of hatred and violence, what happens when a small pocket civilization starts working for all? They evolve.
Diversity : It can be difficult to discuss with your child. I would like to help bridge the gap with words.
Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Libertarian. What’s the difference? Step inside the latest American Revolution.
As seen on tv specialist Buck Trombley was always out for a quick buck. His latest scheme : a usbdrive.
The bomb was dropped to stop the war against the Japanese, or was it. The worlds top think tank knows.
The Nazis actually won the war. No one knew. Now their web starts to unravel.
9/11 : inconvenient truth or something much worse? There is the the known story and then there is this.
He’s been in the music game for over 20 years and he ain’t getting any younger. Its go time.
Racial tensions are at the highest they have been in decades. Scientifically there is no races, only human. Now what?
I have been throwing parties for swingers like a rockstar for years. Still can’t catch a break though. FML.
Cities Decimated. Economies Collapse. It all started with a imaginary friend named Guy. The revolution was IM’d, not televised.
What started out as a secret government program turned out to birth the worlds first Superhero. or Villain?
Thought to be lowlife thugs, the KKK are overlooked, but someone’s taken notice. Journey inside the life of the neocon army.
Books Ed Recommends
I would like you to check out my newest book. Thank you!
Crash landing on earth isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Its 1609 and everyone’s Hungry.
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