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Durena Burns

A new author with an overactive imagination and a love of family.
Durena is the author of
Pieces of Us tells the story of the Whitehead family from the 1900’s until present day. As a typical black American family, there were hardships to overcome from racism to personal tragedy.
Inspired by true events, The Endearing One are series of tales about a young woman’s strong bond with her mother and her mother’s insistence that her daughter has telekinesis.
Books Durena Recommends
This was such a mystifying start to a story, that I want to read more!
A set of short stories of two lovers fighting against darkness for their love throughout lifetimes, culminating in the present day.
A capturing fantasy. I enjoyed the read of the first chapter, very mysterious.
"I will burn this world and lay its ashes at your feet." A human slave wreaks havoc on her faerie masters through lies, betrayal and seduction (Updated chapters are under the ’Read’ section)
I was intrigued with the title and the description of the story. A very good read on a sensitive stance that is controversial and heart-breaking with a means to consider society and it's faults.
A young cop does the unthinkable and it ends up going viral. Riddled with guilt and anguish, he seeks redemption.
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