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Durena Burns

A new author with an overactive imagination and a love of family.
Durena is the author of
It’s not just about secrets. It’s not just about triumphs and failures. It’s not even just about racism. It’s about family. Pieces of Us chronicles the lives of the black American family, the Whiteheads, from the early 1900’s to present day.
Inspired by true events, The Endearing One are a series of tales about a moody teenager, her job delivering newspapers, her close relationship with her mother, and her mother’s insistence that her daughter has telekinesis.
Books Durena Recommends
The three chapters I read have such an intimate flair because of the horror and supernatural elements and also from the truthful dialogue coming from the narrator Drake. I really like it. I want to read more!
Drake is torn between two worlds and he must decide- does he live in agony or does he do the unthinkable and drink human blood to end the torture that follows him...
The tension just from the first chapter intrigued---it is such a well-written piece and I enjoyed the read! Yours is a science fiction novel that I would buy.
Nine astronauts vanish on the opposite side of our star. Their last moment captured as a silver teardrop falling into the shadow of Saturn. A second team is sent to find them. But deep into their journey, cut off from support, their mission unravels.
Funny and engaging! I love the whole sarcastic flare of the first chapter.
A couple joins a reality TV show as part of a social experiment... in murder!
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