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Durena Burns

A new author with an overactive imagination and a love of family.
Durena is the author of
Pieces of Us tells the story of the Whitehead family from the 1900’s until present day. As a typical black American family, there were hardships to overcome from racism to personal tragedy.
Inspired by true events, The Endearing One are series of tales about a young woman’s strong bond with her mother and her mother’s insistence that her daughter has telekinesis.
In an alternate timeline where people know the exact date of their death via telepathy, a young woman races against time as her son’s fate somehow changes in a span of seconds to a much earlier date.
Books Durena Recommends
Funny and engaging! I love the whole sarcastic flare of the first chapter.
A couple joins a reality TV show as part of a social experiment... in murder!
Very intense read! The atmosphere was already dark to begin with but then the author grants the reader even more darkness, a compelling chill that draws you in. I look forward to more!
A tale about a psychopath on the loose with a warped sense of destiny who is forced to deal with his literal demons.
Highly recommend! The words of poetry are truthful, eye-catching, and well-written. A must read.
Bloom is an impassioned collection of haiku, prose, and free-verse poems which elucidates natural phenomena and documents a teenager’s journey through abuse, sexual assault, and depression. Bloom promotes healing in survivors’ souls.
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