Userphoto3 original Reader Writer · Reader · added almost 4 years ago
Impressive detail and vivid imagery.  Looks like a great book and an even better movie!
Userphoto9 original Terry Lancaster · Reader · added almost 4 years ago
I’m super excited for this to release. Who fired that arrow? My niece loves tales of warrior princesses and I’m sure she will love this one.
Userphoto7 original Reader Writer · Reader · edited almost 4 years ago · 1 like
Thoroughly enjoyed the exquisite detail and artful character development. Look forward to reading more. 
Ds10774 Emma Catherine · Reader · added almost 4 years ago
Beautifully written! This story does exactly what storytelling is supposed to do; allow the reader to escape to another world. 

Tonight Launch Pad announced the second round of finalists for the Manuscript Competition, narrowing the field from 75 to 50, and I’m honored and grateful to announce that "King’s Daughter" made the cut! Thanks again for your support!

To those who have read my work, followed me here, left a comment, or pre-ordered my book, I want to send out a huge thanks!  Your support is invaluable and means the world to me!  Please keep spreading the word and blowing wind in these Viking sails!

Userphoto4 original Suanne Laqueur · Reader · added almost 4 years ago
Looking forward to seeing this story be told through Julia’s words. Her immersive, immediate style and attention to detail are the hallmarks of a true storyteller who keeps you wanting more. 
Userphoto9 original Reader Writer · Reader · added almost 4 years ago
I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Fiffer’s comments.  The writing not only transports you to another place and time, but you really want to find out what Thyra will experience next - riveting!
Tf new blogger profile pic Thomas G. Fiffer · Reader · edited almost 4 years ago · 1 like
The best historical fiction makes the past come alive in full color, and that is what Julia does in "King’s Daughter." After reading the first paragraph, you’re immersed in the story and the time period and completely invested in the outcome. The book has all the makings of a bestseller, and I can also see it as a blockbuster on the screen. 
Userphoto9 original Patricia Goodwin · Reader · edited almost 4 years ago · 1 like
Cannot wait to read the book! I love this character already! Thyra shall be a new heroine!
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